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Lizzie Velasquez See Something Say Something Share To Be Kind

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[Lizzie Velasquez See Something Say Something Share To Be Kind]

[Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velásquez:] Source:
Hi guys, it is Lizzy. I hope this video is finding you well, I apologize for being a few days late. It was totally my fault. I knew I needed to post this video and I got mixed up with the days but here we are. I hope all of you have been doing really well with all of your different types of kindness that you’ve been doing and really enjoying it.

So let’s get into what today’s challenge is, we’ve all heard the saying “If you see something say something” a lot of – oop funny timing I get a text message right when I say something.

A lot of times, that is used in the context of “if you see something that’s not so good you should say something or report it and all that kind of stuff”.

But in this case I am saying, if you see something say something complementary. If you see someone and you like what they’re wearing or what they’re doing and you simply just say hey I like your scarf or I like your outfit, I do something that I always apologize for and feel really creepy about doing.

But I always tell people this, whenever I’m meeting you guys or anyone for that matter and we hug or we’re in close contact, I always let them know if they smell good, which is really weird but I just – I don’t know, it happened recently a few days ago, I took a picture with this really sweet girl, and she gave me a hug and I was like you smell really good. And I know that it is so creepy and weird but I don’t know, I was just like, I don’t know, I like telling people they smell good. I’m not even going to lie, I also looked up the perfume she was wearing, cause I really liked it.

[Lizzie Velasquez:]
I am not weird, I promise.

Now that you know what I do which is odd, odd compliment but a compliment nonetheless.

I’m going to turn the challenge over to you and for the next ten days I want you to not only compliment people you know but step out of your comfort zone and compliment a stranger.

Or maybe there is someone who has a really nice smile like at the grocery store or I don’t know – you name it – there’s so many different things — but just be nice to people, random compliments always seem to be just so nice and unexpected especially if you don’t know the person.

[Lizzie Velasquez:]
We don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s day maybe they are struggling with a loss or depression or anxiety or whatever and you tell them, ‘hey, I hope you have a good day’. Or ‘I like what you’re doing’, we never know how much that could impact their day.

So my challenge for you is to tell as many people as you can just something nice something complimentary.

Don’t forget, let’s go and just pretend, we don’t see that piece of hair obviously in the middle of the glasses, it is on my blind side and I couldn’t see it. So let’s just pretend it’s not there.

Gets – whenever you do these things you can let me know about them, they are in my Instagram comments, on Twitter and what else oh this YouTube in the comments section below.


Don’t forget to use the #SharetobeKind because that’s just what we do with these videos.

[Lizzie Velasquez:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
And yeah, I am excited I feel like we’re getting, I don’t feel like that we are, we’re getting towards the end of March and it’s just one step closer to the release of my book Dare to Be Kind.

I will also let you know that I just finished recording my first audio book. So yes it will be available and yes I am narrating it and I’m super excited.

[Lizzie Velasquez:]
I’ve gone over this book so many times but to sit down and read it out loud, I just fell in love with it all over again. So do not forget Dare to Be Kind is released on June 06, 2017.

It is available for pre-order right now, right at this moment.

You can click the links in the description below and that will take you to where you can pre-order your copy, so you can get it on the day and I somehow always end up dancing really awkwardly; also those wind chimes you hear in the background those are my moms.

And you know what, I’m going to say something nice about them, I’m happy they make her happy all of them; all 30 of them. Anyway I love you guys thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next video and don’t forget to #SharetobeKind.

I love you. Bye.

Lizzie Velasquez See Something Say Something Share To Be Kind

Lizzie Velasquez See Something Say Something Share To Be Kind

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