Cassetteboy Vs David Attenborough


Cassetteboy Vs David Attenborough

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[Cassetteboy Vs David Attenborough]

[Sir David Frederick Attenborough: May 8, 1926:] Source:
It’s just after midnight in traditional British socializing grounds. A male makes his records on the ones and twos. The odd scratch is irresistible.

The males are starting to compete for the favors of the females. They’re here to pull females with huge tits, these are called booby birds.

This small British male listens attentively to the pulsing rhythm. He shakes his body and rubs himself against the female. The female then leaves him.

She is seeking a man with bigger muscles, and the male’s sexual organ is no bigger than a grain of salt. But nothing deters the males as they consume several times their weight in Stella until they reach the vegetation that they need if they are to lay the females.

Eventually, they form pairs. As the males grab the females, their testicles flush red, but all too soon the staff force both males and females to leave, getting back to home is a major undertaking.

The males’ fight, these females are so full of Stella that they can barely walk. They are desperate for food.

[David Attenborough:] Source:
This male is in urgent need of a piss. He flashes in the darkness.

Nearby a female starts to regurgitate a mouthful of fish and chips.

Life in Britain is not all roses.

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Cassetteboy vs David Attenborough

Cassetteboy vs David Attenborough

Cassetteboy Vs David Attenborough. This male is in urgent need of a piss. He flashes in the darkness. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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