Cassandra Bankson I Have Two Vaginas The Story Of How I Found Out


Cassandra Bankson I Have Two Vaginas The Story Of How I Found Out

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[Cassandra Bankson I Have Two Vaginas The Story Of How I Found Out]

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Hey guys so for today’s video I want to talk to you about how I found out I have two vaginas. And it all started with a duck. And this is kind of a different story this is definitely adult subject matter so I will leave it at that.

Um…but this is also kind of a invitation, because I know that a lot of people have questions about it and ‘how does that work’ and ‘doesn’t work’ and all these kind of different questions. And I would love it if you actually tweeted me your questions and I will addresses those in a different video. If I want to address everything at once it would definitely be very, very – a very lengthy video. So I want to tell you about how I found out because that in itself is a good 25 minutes, right. That in itself is a good, long segment. And then I would love to actually hear from you what are your questions when it comes to having two vaginas? About ‘periods’ we’ve done a video on period cramps and ‘yes, my killer’. Yes, ‘I get two periods’. I’m about how that works, about having children in the future, about how it logistically works to have two vaginas and two cervixes and am I going to need you pap smears as two uterus kind of collude together. But I want to talk you a little bit about that and really just kind of tell you about how I found out.

So if you have specific questions be bold, go head and you can ask me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This app tweet me @SincerelyCass11, or @Diamondsheels14. Because I would love to kind of get those questions or leave from the comments here, that’s really easy to. Leave the comments here and tell me what your questions are because I would like to answer them, if you see some what else to asked your question or if you really like that question and you want to answer too, give it a thumbs up so that way I know which ones to address in the next video. But…

How I found out I had two vaginas, I was with my grandma or with a duck, no it wasn’t with grandma but that’s kind of how it started.

So basically all my life I’ve had very bad period cramps, I have been very moody. I believe that there is other things involved such as depression and bipolar and ADHD, because it runs in the family. All of my uncles had, all of my cousins had it, my brother, like everybody has like thing. So I kind of always blamed on them but there is some definitely some moods swings involved and definitely some hormonal fluctuations, because, acne, like all kind of – you know body kind of it’s all inter-linked and then you know, things affect each other.

But I did get my period at very young age, I got it like on Christmas day freaking eh… like, thanks a lot life.

I think I got – I got acne at third grade, I think I got it may be fifth or sixth which I know isn’t early as some for me and for people around me it’s like wow that was early.

But we didn’t know that I even had an issue or one kidney until probably two years ago. And what happened is that, you know, I just always had really bad irregular periods. There were times that I would not have a period for six months or times that I would have literally three periods a month. And it’s not like you know, it’s not like there was, you know, sexual reasons that would have stopped my period or increased them for that kind of thing, it was just my body and how it was working.

But that being said, there was one day that I was at my grandma’s house and she was like oh Cassy take me to the store. And I was like okay, oh let’s go to Costco. So we were walking at the back door, and I was like, oh grandma look there is duck. It doesn’t look too healthy, it was kind of sitting by her pool. She was like oh okay, I was like should we help the duck. And she was like: “Oh, I want to go to Costco, I want to get some ice cream and some sauerkraut, because I’m German, Russian and Polish, Egyptian”, and all sorts of things and she is. And I was like ‘okay oh ma let’s go’. Ukrainian primarily.

But that being said, we go to Costco, we come back and literally were taking the ice creams so it doesn’t melt and I look over and that duck does not look like, it was not looking good before it was kind of like ‘ah’. Now it’s literally laying there with its neck out, its got ants crawling all over it.

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I dropped the ice cream; it’s already half melted and of course it goes everywhere, and I’m like: “oh my god this duck – this duck”. And she’s like, “oh, no, help me take the ice cream in first”. I was like, “No, grandma, look at this duck”.

So I’m like “oh, ma, get out of here”, we didn’t even have time to empty the truck. We didn’t have time to empty the trunk of the car. I basically take this duck, I wrap it in my juicy sweater. I shove it in a box and I say, “Dear, Lord. Please help this duck live”.

And I’m – I’m speeding it over to like the Wildlife museum. And I bring it him and I said “will you please take this duck, I don’t what’s wrong”, and bring it and I do a little prayer, then I leave and um… that was [(phone rings) indiscernible]. That was life, right?

And you know, I called a little while later and he said the duck hadn’t made it. Looked like it got into poison from a park nearby, apparently a lot of ducks were getting poisoned.

Kind of killed me on the inside, had a little funeral for it. But about two – [(phone rings)]. no, [Hush your face], I don’t have time for this right now.

A couple, I think, about a week later all of sudden I was telling my mom, ouch, I have some pain kind of down here in my lower back. And she’s like, oh, that’s weird – that’s where your kidneys are. And I said yeah, like it really hurts, it’s kind of sore. And it was on both sides.

So she was like, “Well you know what, kidneys are important, like let’s take you to your physician”.

So go the doctor, and she kind of pokes me and prods me and she is asking me, “hey, like do you have do you have a bladder infection like have you been or kidney stone, have you been pissing rocks. I said no. Has it been painful? What color? Like what’s going on?”

And trying to figure things out, even asking me things about my thyroid and like other problems and stuff. And for the life I’ve heard she is an excellent physician mind you, she has diagnosed things left and right that, multiple other doctors have failed to recognize. So love here to death she is literally amazing been doing this for like 50 plus years whatever it shows, okay, okay. And not only that but she gives you balloons sometimes, just saying.

And basically we couldn’t figure this out and she was just kind of going to through list and she was like ‘well I’ll get you a blood test’. I said ‘no, no, needles’.

She was like, we’re going to do a blood test, we are going to do some diagnostics. She said ‘by the way, you haven’t been like hunting or messing around with wild fowl’. I was like ‘fowl?’ ‘Does a duck count?’ She looks at me and she said ‘you have hunted duck?’ And I was like ‘no I didn’t hunt a duck I saved the life of a duck’, would that have something to do with it? And she goes ‘hmm…’ and I see here peering over her spectacles and she kind of writes something down.

She was like ‘we are going to get you a MRI, we are going to get to you a blood test. We are going to get you a ultrasound and I’m going to take a look at your kidneys’. And I was like ‘okay, like whatever’.

So we – so I think okay I’ll do that in a couple of days. No, she says ‘you go in right now’. I was like ‘okay, like whatever’.

So I go to this ultrasound table and I’m lying there. Like okay, lady like when are we going to go. She puts the gel on, it’s cold. She didn’t heated or whatever. And I’m use to it. And I’m kind of used to it. It was funny cause I was texting my friends, they’re like, ‘Hey, wait are you pregnant? Why are are you getting ultrasound?’ But you get ultrasounds for other things too. Cause it’s a way to see into the body by using a sound wave.

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But, so she starts taking a look at my kidney and everything and she said, ‘oh, you got one big healthy kidney’. ‘Look at that, I don’t see any kidney stones, I don’t see any whatever problems’, whatever. So puts me to other side to look for it. And she just keeps on poking and prodding, I’m like lady ‘would you get your fingers off me and hurry up. I got things to do. I got a life to live. I got some skittles to munch on right’.

So she is doing this and she is like, ‘hmm’. Let me flip you over to the other side, and I’m like ‘okay, whatever’.

And she puts me over to the other side she said like ‘yeah, we got a kidney there’, and ‘I’m like okay’, like what you doing lady. So she flips me over to the other side and she is looking said ‘well, there is your liver, there is everything else’, ‘I don’t see a kidney’. And I’m looking at her like, ‘you lost my kidney?’ ‘Hoe?’ ‘You lost my kidney, right?’

And she looks at me she says ‘honey, I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and I don’t think you have a kidney’.

And I said ‘ha, ha, that’s a good joke put on your spectacles, get your eyes checked, renew your medical license, okay, bye’.

So she is basically telling me I don’t have a kidney. And at this point I’m like WTF ever, right!

So we marched back to the doctor later that day showing her the tests, she looks at me and she is like ‘hmm’, and she looks very interested. I’m like ‘what the heck?’ And she says ‘honey, we don’t know if you have two kidneys’. And I was like ‘oh, great, now you are going to tell me that I don’t’.

So she says ‘we are going to get you MRI, we’re going to need some blood tests’, whatever – ‘to find out you have a kidney’. And I said ‘okay’. And she says ‘we are going to test for couple of other things too’. But I didn’t think much of it. I was like ‘Oh, okay, we are going to test for couple of other things’ – to see if I have a wild duck disease up in my liver, kidney, whatever, whatever, right.

So we are going to do these tests. So I go into the MRI, they start doing the scan, you know, you lay in box. It’s metal, you don’t wear earrings, you know, whatever.

Go back to the doctor a couple of days later and she takes a look at everything, she goes ‘ah, ah’. And I was like ‘what is it?’ She says like ‘you do have one kidney’. My floor, – my jaw like drops — WTF is this, she is like ‘you have a duplex or partial duplex on one side, you have no kidney on the other side. And as I expected you got two vaginas’. And I look at her and I’m like: ‘What?’ Like you just pulled this out of your butt. Where did this come from, WTF?

So first off – I’m freaking out that I missing a kidney on one side, second off — I’m freaking out that I have a double kidney or half of the kidney glued to my regular kidney that’s enlarged large on this side. What the heck? So I tell all my friends I’m sorry if you are drinking, I only can be the driver, if you drink too much and kill your kidneys, I cannot donate one so be responsible.

But, that being said. It’s also a great excuse to not drink, as you guys know I have some issues with alcohol just because of family issues and just because of a relationship and abusive issues and it is very personal to me. I’m okay with being around other people who are drinking, I’m just not really good with drunk people. And I do have a very short temper when it comes to alcohol, but it’s a great excuse because I don’t drink and I don’t plan to. That’s just a personal preference of mine, but having one kidney is a great excuse because I could be like, ‘oh, like I could be potentially die, I don’t have time for that. You really want to be the one that kills me’.

So anyways, so I’m kind of freaking out here, my floor – my jaw drops to the floor, and I’m like ‘what the heck you are talking about’ or looking at these scans, I’m missing a kidney.

And so that right there deducted that it wasn’t a kidney problem from the wild duck. I didn’t have wild duck disease because you know, it wasn’t on both sides where my pain was. And we figured out it was probably like muscles spasms or something like that or muscle soreness or whatever. And but not actually a kidney problem.

So when I found that I have one kidney I’m freaking out and I have two vaginas like what you are talking about. And I was like how – and do what you mean? ‘Ah, ah, that’s what I suspected’. And she says ‘well, sometimes very rarely when people have one kidney for some reasons they generally have two uteruses glued together, or like heart shape, or separated, or whatever. And they usually have a dual reproductive system’. And I was like ‘oh, lovely’. So I know it’s pretty much hardly found out, oh, when I did have to blood work and literally I almost bit the nurse. I almost fainted, my hands get really sweaty. I cannot handle, I cannot handle at least we know that I will never be an intravenous drug user.

But that being said I’m freaking out kind of I have two vaginas, WTF, I did a video a long time ago when I first found out, called ‘my medical mystery video’. But that’s kind of how I found out and then I realized holy crap this explains my 21 day periods. This explains why unruly mood swings, this explains everything in life, right.

And when it comes to having kids, I am probably going to have multiples because there are two, they could be twins, they could be separate because there are two different birthing chambers. I may need to C-section if they both try to enter the birthing chamber at the same time if I’m having kids. If they don’t then that’s not an issue.

What else can I address?

Do I have two periods? Yes. What it is that?

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The hormones trip into one period and then it goes and then kind of sets off the other period. It’s kind of a delayed reaction. The second one goes. Not having a period for many months so that’s probably anemia, lack of iron, lack of like whatever. And that’s what is causing that as appose to this.

Hormonal issues and what does it look like, well, if you look at it on a chart, can you imagine like an upside down nose. You know, our nose has like this little separation in the middle, that’s like a deviation.

So if you imagine a nose without the separation that’s what a normal vagege looks like, upside like down, like here’s like the opening at the bottom and here is like you know rest of your body. But it has no separation. Now my vaginas – is kind of like the nose the way it is, it’s kind of like this big chamber here is where the bottom is, here is where you know the rest of the body is and it has this deviation down the middle. And there is two cervixes and then two uterus kind of glued together on top.

So, what can I say I’m the twice the woman. I’m saw that on Dr. Oz, I was like sister you know better than anyone else. I got you, I got you girl.

And what does that mean to have one kidney it definitely means I’m in a little bit trouble like faith on god I never was a sports player, I did like water skiing and stuff. But I was always an individual sports player and I was never like a team sports player, except for like volley ball. So thank goodness for that because I could have killed myself many times.

The kidney’s kind of grow on the other kidney, so it’s enlarge. What’s over here? I don’t know if it’s just like empty space, we have the urethra ducts that’s filter the urine and the pee, they just attached to nothing.

So, yeah, that is how I found that I have two vageges and a little bit about my two vagages.

And one of my friends and I decided to actually give them names. And I think she named, one of them Steve, but I didn’t like that name. I don’t think – I don’t really know if I want to name my vageges.

It’s like personal.

And c-suction, maybe if it doesn’t work, I’d probably will need in vitro.

We don’t really know because I’ve never only tried to have kids. But let me know what your questions are and I’ll try to answer them.

But yeah ‘that is how I found out that I have two vaginas, it was all because of a duck’.

Please dear Lord for us – bless that ducky, make him rest in peace or her. I don’t know, it was a California Maverick, absolutely beautiful.

But, yeah, I’ve lived with that way, I mean, at that time I found out 19 years, 20 years I lived that way and there wasn’t a problem.

So hopefully it won’t be in the future. Goodness – you know – I didn’t play sports at middle school.

But I love you guys, I hope that this video was informative to you. Sorry it took me so long to talk about it; it is definitely interesting subject to matter.

But I love you guys and I can’t wait to read your comments and tweets about your questions and I will addresses this in another video.

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So love you and I’ll talk to you on the next time. Love you guys. Bye – My two vaginas love you too. Steve, if he is – if that’s even what I’m going to name that vagina. Give me a name for my vagina don’t call me weird.

Okay, bye.

Cassandra Bankson I Have Two Vaginas The Story Of How I Found Out

Cassandra Bankson I Have Two Vaginas The Story Of How I Found Out

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