Cashing In Coins


Cashing In Coins

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[Cashing In Coins]

200 LB’S
And it begins 2:21 PM

In the box and then we can both lift it together…
Oh yeah… right to the box… put as much as…

[Try our free coin-counting machine.]
Valley Kids First Savings Club
Please ask for assistance.

… change…
Anything is fine…
And what do you set…
Like $1,200 bucks…
Snack …
Uh… beer.
Oh… boy… that’s a nice…
Yeah… sure.

I know whose they are.

What does it say?

TIME 17:26 12/30/2014
SUB 00
.01 11 .11
.05 982 49.10
.10 1251 125.01
.25 14249 3562.25
1.00 28 28.00
TOTAL COIN 3764.56
TOTAL 3764.56

3:05 PM

Cashing In Coins

Cashing In Coins

Cashing In Coins. Try our free coin-counting machine. What does it say? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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