Carrie Hope Fletcher – ItsWayPastMyBedTime – What Are We Doing On YouTube?


Carrie Hope Fletcher – ItsWayPastMyBedTime – What Are We Doing On YouTube?

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[Carrie Hope Fletcher – ItsWayPastMyBedTime – What Are We Doing On YouTube?]

[Chris Kendall – Crabstickz – What Am I? What Is All This?]

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So a conversation has been started by Chris Kendall, Crabstickz and others have started to join the conversations like Olan Rogers and Daniel J Layton, Actor. And soon as I saw Chris’s video, I instantly had a million thoughts. Some of which he voiced, some of which Dan and Olan voiced, and then some I thought were very specific to me, and my own feelings towards YouTube. And I knew that I only wanted to join in the conversation if I have anything valuable to say, and something no one else do already said.

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And I think I do, I think I do? I haven’t scripted this video, and I didn’t want to script it because I wanted it to be organic and a natural thought process. So if we get to end of this video, and I basically just rehashed everything that Dan, Olan and Chris have said, then I apologize. And then if you had not watched those videos by the three other guys, then I recommend you that you watch them otherwise this video wouldn’t make much sense. The links are below in the description.

It’s also very late right now. It’s like twenty past twelve after a double show Wednesday. So if look a little bit – bit draggled that is why.

I started making each new videos much for the same reason as Daniel J Layton, Actor started making YouTube videos back in 2011. If you go back and watch my old videos right from the start, you’ll realize that they’re all just covers. Basically I wanted to get my voice heard. And by an audience I wanted to build up an audience who enjoy listening to my music, whether that was covers or original songs, you can give me feedback, may be help me out a little bit.

I was hoping that someone would watch my videos, who would be able to help me build a career around my singing, and my voice and then eventually my acting, it has no secrets than I love musicals, musicals are my thing.

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So I was really hoping that someone would watch my videos like what they saw and help me become a singing actress.

So essentially, I wanted to use YouTube as a stepping stone or a springboard, and build an audience and a connection with a group of people who liked what I did and then hopefully, eventually, transcend YouTube in a way and do what I was doing on YouTube in a bigger scale you know in theaters.

I wanted to eventually bring that audience who I had shared my music with and who in return had shared with me their time and their feedback, and we could all then move on to the next step, the next level kind of thing. YouTube has helped me springboard into the career that I wanted to be, and it’s not the only thing that has helped to get to this point, you know, I’ve been working my ass off for years, and years and years to get to this point, before I even knew YouTube was a thing. But YouTube is such an amazing platform to showcase what you can do and hopefully have the right person watch it.

But that’s the thing. I’ve been on YouTube for four years, which is considerably less than a lot of other YouTubers. So it’s really difficult to answer the question, you know;

How do I make it big on YouTube?

How you I get my channel noticed more?

Because you know everyone who has got a big YouTube channel at the moment didn’t really start YouTube with the idea for it to become a big YouTube channel. You can never really guess what people are going to make viral.

You know you can’t really predict what people are going to find interesting to watch, which is why its so difficult to answer the question how I get my channel noticed because none of us really know, none of us really know what it was get all channels noticed.

We can’t really pinpoint the exact moment when our channels went from slipping under the radar to being the only thing on the radar, you know. If you are going to make YouTube videos, do it because you enjoy it. First of all, but also do because you feel like you’ve got something to share, you’ve got something to say, you’ve got stories to tell.

Give the world a good reason to watch you.

Don’t expect them to give you their time, if you don’t actually give them anything worthwhile back.

Olan was completely right when he was saying, ‘just’ — like his video was entitled, ‘Olan Rogers OlanRogers JUST BE YOU’, because no one is – it’s so obvious when someone is being fake. It’s really obvious when someone is not really enjoying what they’re doing. They made a video because they feel like they just need to get one out that week rather than making a video because they genuinely very excited to tell the world something.

It’s really easy to tell when someone is just sort of putting on a front, to try and be entertaining which is very easy to do. You know when you turn on the camera it’s just you and the camera. Who you are when you are alone is very different to who you are when you are with other people. So when you are making a video, it’s just you and a camera alone in a room. You need to put on some kind of personality because you want to come across this passionate, and animated and excited about what you are talking about. But that personality you put on for a camera when you are alone in a room should only be as much as the personality you have when you’re with other people and you’re having an actual conversation.

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There shouldn’t be any need to put on this big persona, and this big character just because you feel like that’s what other people are going to find interesting.

And then it also becomes a real pressure because everyone who has been watching that character expecting to be that character all the time.

I also don’t like the idea that people are trying to get their channels noticed just because they like the idea of being noticed for no reason. I don’t get that.

I shunned the idea of being a YouTuber for a long time. I still feel a little bit shaky about it because there are lots of people who want to be noticed just for the sake of being noticed rather than for any specific reason.

They don’t feel like they have anything to say, they don’t really feel like they have got any talent to showcase, they just like the idea of being noticed and the thrill of being a little bit famous for a little amount of time, and seeing other people make it really big on YouTube and think that that’s the easiest way to get famous because its something that you can do yourself. So it seems like the easiest option to becoming famous because you can do it right from your bedroom.

They don’t think about the fact that everyone who’s big on YouTube at the moment has worked for. The amount of time that YouTube has been around to build up those millions of subscribers, and build up that audience and they actually give something to that audience. It’s a two-way street, it’s a relationship.

So there are lots of people who have started making YouTube videos. And they are talking without anything to say.

And its those sort of people who call themselves YouTubers, who make me feel a little bit awkward about calling myself a YouTuber because that’s not the sort of YouTuber I want to be and I don’t want to be associated with just being famous for the sake of being famous because I don’t even particularly want to be famous.

That’s not how any of channels started out, it started out because I love singing, and I love acting and that’s what I feel I’m good at, and that’s my strength in life. And that’s what I want to continue to do. But obviously singing and acting needs an audience to participate.

I like singing for people, I like acting for people, I like putting on a show, you know that’s interesting to me, that’s something I’m really, massively passion about.

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That doesn’t go hand in hand with wanting to be famous. Its – you know it’s how I would say that ‘I’m really awkward when I’m on stage as myself because I’m much more confident when I’m behind a character’ because I like telling stories through a character. I like pretending that someone I’m not and I like taking on different personalities, and being different people.

But when I’m stuck on stage as me, I freak out because I don’t – it’s like when people sing happy birthday to you, and you are the only one not singing, and it’s awkward and you don’t know what to do and it’s like that. That’s how I feel when I’m on stage, Carrie Hope Fletcher, it makes me feel like everyone is looking at me and I don’t like people looking at me when I’m me. It freaks me out. And so I don’t like the idea that I’m – when I call myself a YouTuber, I’m being associated with those people who just want to stand in front of the stage and have people scream their name for no apparent reason.

But I feel like its one of these things as long as I know that I’m making YouTube videos because I genuinely feel like I have something interesting to say and I like sharing what I’m doing and its sort of – its sort of – my YouTube channel runs parallel with my career. And I like that they sort of intertwine and cross, and I like that. I’m not just making YouTube videos for the sake of wanting people to listen to me, but I have not really actually got anything to say. I just – as long as I know that, I should be okay with calling myself a YouTuber.

And it’s this really weird thing where 50 years ago, if an artist, for instance, released an album, people would buy it and if they liked it they buy the next one, if they liked that they’ll buy next one, and so on and so forth, [indiscernible] from the artist.

You know, it wasn’t really possible back then because of the lack of the Internet and lack of social media, to know everything there was to know about the artist, and it didn’t really matter because of that.

But now, because of this massive growth of social media it’s so easy to find out what Taylor Swift ate for dinner for last night, it’s so easy to find out Liam Hemsworth’s mom’s maiden name. You know, we kind of have this access to all of this information.

Now we kind of depend on that, we make our choices about who we want to follow on Twitter, or who – whose films we want to go watch, or whom – who’s music we are going buy, based on who these people are as people, what their personalities are like, that’s why YouTube, and Twitter and social media has become so important. Because you can build up an audience based on what you do and who you are before your career has even started.

I just think YouTube is a really amazing platform, it’s really good stepping stone, and springboard, and a way to showcase talents, and songs, and movies, and short films, and skills and passions, things that people are passionate about. And as soon as YouTube starts being used for something other than that as just a way to be famous.

That’s when the line starts to get a little bit blurred.

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It’s like Olan said though, the people who talk passionately, and genuinely have something to say, might not be the most popular kids in the YouTube School, they might not being noticed by hundreds of, thousands of, millions of people, but they will be the people who are still having their videos watched for the rest of YouTube time.

All of those people that are yelling notice me, notice me, notice me, without actually having anything to be noticed for, they might be the popular people on YouTube because they’re shouting the loudest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people are going to listen for very long, especially when they find out that the only thing they have to say is ‘notice me’.

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I think as YouTubers, as people who make videos, I think, every now and again we need to step back and think, is the video that I just made and uploaded something that I would want to watch if someone I’m subscribed to uploaded it. I don’t know whether this video has made any sense.

I think I’m done.

Carrie Hope Fletcher - ItsWayPastMyBedTime - What Are We Doing On YouTube?

Carrie Hope Fletcher – ItsWayPastMyBedTime – What Are We Doing On YouTube?

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