Cardboard Plane


Cardboard Plane

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[Cardboard Plane]

This is me with a mustache. This is Josh with a cardboard plane and he’s about to fly it. This is going to be well funny. Absolutely funny as hell, let me look at the…

Oh, she’s got some power.

I see. Let me – do the – make the rotters and everything move, so we can see, wow, this is a homemade cardboard plane, and I got him to do that, ‘cause it might never do that again.

Exactly [indiscernible] Source:

Are you throwing it.


Holy shit.

Here we go.

Ah ah ahahahahah…. Oh…. hahahahahahaha….

Look at that. [Indiscernible]. Source:

That is awesome.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god it’s better than a Spitfire – its absolutely better than a Spitfire! Oh my god.

Land it, belly flop it, nicely Josh, nicely, oh my god it glides. Hahahahahahaha….

Cardboard Plane

Cardboard Plane

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