Calvin McDonald’s Hood Ad


Calvin McDonald’s Hood Ad

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[Calvin McDonald’s Hood Ad]

Waz up Jake!?
What up?
Where’s Calvin?
At the J.O.B., man!
He’s still flipping those burgers at Micky Dees?
Here’s your order.
Thanks Calvin.
He’s not tired of that yet. Could be kickin’ it with us! Man!
Made in heaven.
Big – big fun.
He says he has a plan, man.
Meet the newest member of our Management team – Calvin.
Alright, man!
Management, dude.
Yeah, I’m part of the management team, mamma.
Oh baby, I ‘m so proud of you!
Yeah, you’re right cause he does wear some fresh clothes.
Yo, Calvin, welcome to the hood.
May we help you.
Nothin’ much!
Well, I’m out.
Hey, yo, yo, Calvin
What’s the word on the job thing?
Yo, not for me, for a friend of mine.

What you want is what you get.


Calvin McDonald's Hood Ad

Calvin McDonald’s Hood Ad

Calvin McDonald’s Hood Ad. Meet the newest member of our Management team – Calvin. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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