Cadillac Carry 2017 Oscars


Cadillac Carry 2017 Oscars Commercial

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[Cadillac Carry 2017 Oscars Commercial]

We are a nation divided that’s what they tell us, right?

This chasm between us.

But what they don’t tell you –

what doesn’t make the news, is this:

We carry each other forward no matter who we are or what we believe or where we come from.

We’ve had the privilege to carry a century of humanity: lovers, fighters, leaders. But maybe what we carry isn’t just people. It’s an idea that while we’re not the same, we can be one. And all it takes is the willingness to dare.



CadillCadillac Carry 2017 Oscarsac Carry 2017 Oscars

Cadillac Carry 2017 Oscars

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