Burger King McWhopper Proposal


Burger King McWhopper Proposal

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[Burger King McWhopper Proposal]

So Burger King’s proposing a burger war cease-fire to join forces with McDonald’s on peace day and create the McWhopper

That’s a big burger with big ambitions a fair amount to swallow, right?

So here’s a little how where and why to help you digest our proposal.

As two of the world’s largest brands we are in the perfect position to influence change and like BK , McDonald’s is committed to leveraging its size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place.

Peace One Day campaigns tirelessly for a better world but they need our help raising awareness of Peace Day.

We could rattle a bucket but buckets aren’t loud.

Proposals like McWhopper make noise!

Just ask the guy!

[Jeremy Gilley (Peace One Day):] Source: LYBIO.net
Hi, Jeremy Gilley founder of Peace One Day.

The thing I love about the McWhopper project is it; walks the walk, it leads by example and demonstrates a genuine commitment to Peace Day and a more peaceful and sustainable world.

[Corporate] activation on this scale creates mass awareness and awareness creates action and action saves lives; we hope you get on board McDonald’s.

So do we Jeremy, we can’t do this without them so we’ve made participation easy; one location, one day only, we’ve designed a proposed pop-up restaurant, the packaging, even the staff uniforms, all we have to do is park are differences for one day and do what we both do best; no strings.

Together makes blaze a trail, build the unthinkable burger and feed the discussion, lets end the beef with beef on Peace Day September 21st 2015.

Burger King McWhopper Proposal

Burger King McWhopper Proposal

Get involved at peaceoneday.org

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