Brunswick Bike Theft


Brunswick Bike Theft

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[Brunswick Bike Theft]

07-01-2016 00:17:06

can you help me figure out who stole my bike?

I think this guy may know something

Hello. My bike was just turned in to the police. I dont know who turned it in or any details. The police told me they are looking for the thief.

(neighbor’s apt)

but after she found out we had video she said she does know him

seems like a great guy

11 November 2014

They call me pimp daddy – with [Redacted]


couldn’t be him


two hours later

bike is in bike storage around this corner

just taking a look

here’s the thief (20 minutes later)

(enters front door code)

leopard print cap




if anyone viewing this video is able to spot any clues i’d sure appreciate it if you let me know

my neighbor and her friend wont get back to me

Theyre acting on it now.

Thank you Victoria Police.

I brought the video to the police they said there’s nothing they can do

thank you for watching

Brunswick Bike Theft

Brunswick Bike Theft

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