Bridge Stuart I Do Business


Bridge Stuart I Do Business

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I do business.

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I just like to come into the office early and check the Internet so that I get a real rundown on what’s going on in the day. I can share this information with my uh… clients and with everyone else who might be involved in the process.

Our annual revenues, uh… we try to exceed those so that we can create a better relationship with our clients and uh… establish more relationships.

I have a partner on the East Coast that I generally talk to because we like to share our information and make sure that uh… we keep up on tabs.

Sometimes I like to have all the clients in a room together and then I raise a glass and say, look at this fiesta.

[Bridge Stuart:]
I don’t – I don’t like being uh… going into a situation unprepared, I always like to make sure that everyone knows beforehand, hey, I’ve got this. We’re going to make it happen in this meeting.


Our clients are very important to us because we like to expand in different marketplaces and make sure that everyone has ‘worked’ straight deal.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

[Bridge Stuart:]
Sometimes we put together our funds into one big fund and then we have a lot of funds.


I work with a lot of clients to make sure the deals get done because if we don’t have a good relationship then we can’t establish uh… good business deals.

Bridge Stuart I Do Business

Bridge Stuart I Do Business

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Bridge Stuart I Do Business. Our clients are very important to us because… Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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