Bria And Chrissy Women On YouTube The Truth


Bria And Chrissy Women On YouTube The Truth

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[Bria And Chrissy Women On YouTube The Truth]

As a woman on YouTube, I would describe my experience as careful, empowering, brave.

What it’s like to be a woman on YouTube

There is lot of judgment when it comes to women and the kind of content they create. People tend to sexualize you. I just want to be out there and really empower girls with sexuality. And for some reason when I empower young generation of sexuality I’m seen as a slut, instead of focusing on things that you’re saying and the point you’re trying to make, they’ll focus on, you know what you look like that day or how much they would like to do certain things to you.

And it affects me because I’m a woman, and I’m gonna be mother one day. I could be giving a heartfelt personal story about some hardship that I’ve gone through, yet a large number of comments will be, show me your tits.

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Tell me some of the mean comments you get.

I have this ability of blocking out everything that is bad. You’re just a slut, you don’t deserve to live. Shut up and go, do your makeup, show us what lipstick you use or something, you know woman do that are useful. I wouldn’t even rape you. I had a conversation with [beep sound], [YouTuber with 4 million+ subscribers] who said that, listen Olga, if you’re not getting lots of opportunities your channel will disappear in the next two years unless you’ll go back to basics and spread your legs.

People have described in detail in an email that took 15 minutes to read how Bria should wrap me up in duct tape until I suffocate to death, and then those people could come and watch.

I can put a lot of thought into something, and I can put my heart into something and sometimes I’ll say it and I’ll make a video that is probably great, and I won’t even post it, because I feel like people are going to look at it and you know they won’t take it seriously.

Just because you think that some people might not appreciate what you’re brewing up in your head just go for it and push it out there.

Why do you think it takes 200 channels to find the top 20 female channels?

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To find the top 20 female channels?

That’s really embarrassing.

As a woman I am offered far less money than my male counterparts that have similar views and subscribers.

I’ve actually had to come to the point where I make a fake email that’s a man, mine is Ryan and he will respond to emails from brands for me and he will negotiate for me.

To the whole society as a woman I’d like to say, listen we pop babies out of our vaginas, we can do anything.

Before you say something negative or before you spread more hatred because of whatever insecurity you have about yourself, just think about the impact that you could have if you chose to say something positive, something positive that I’m willing to bet you wish somebody could have told you.

Bria And Chrissy Women On YouTube The Truth

Bria And Chrissy Women On YouTube The Truth

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