Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses


Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses

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[Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses]

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I was raised a Jehovah’s Witnesses. Being raised as a witness, you see the world much differently than everyone else. You are taught that Jehovah is the one and only God. Jesus is his son. They are two separate beings. Jesus came to earth and sacrificed himself so that God could forgive our sins. He is our ransom. Jehovah Witnesses go to the Kingdom Hall as opposed to a church. All the people who go to the Kingdom Hall are part of what they called a ‘congregation’.

The organization is arranged in a ‘hierarchy’. At the very bottom is, ‘women and children of the congregation’. Women have no authority. They cannot teach men. They cannot even speak at a podium in front of men, as I am doing right now. They are not to question any decision made by a man. That is slander.

The next level is a ministerial servant. These men have small responsibilities within the congregation. They’re responsible for some of the teaching also. The men who carry the most responsibility in the congregation, is the ‘body of elders’. They’re responsible for everything and everyone in the congregation.

The next level is a traveling overseers. These men travel all over and make sure the elders in the congregations are completing all of their duties. And the final level is ‘the governing body’. These men claim to be our channel of communication with God. They are the ones who create all the rules within the religion. All the members of the governing body are going to heaven.

All members of the church are required to partake in field service. This is when you go door to door to tell the world about the religion. This is the only time it is deemed appropriate to socialize with people outside of the religion. People outside of the religion are called worldly. They are taught that these people do not yet know the truth or decide to ignore God’s message. Because of this, they can be used by the devil, Satan to temp the witnesses and pull them away from the truth. This is including and avoiding unnecessary contact with the code of law, teachers and people at school.

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Jehovah Witnesses believe that the end is near and that Armageddon is coming. Armageddon is the final test of mankind. After Armageddon the faithful will be resurrected and brought back from the death, to live on paradise earth. All the unfaithful and non-believers will be done away with.

So growing up, I was taught that everyone I knew outside of the religion, including my father, was going to be killed in Armageddon. And I was going to live on paradise earth forever without my father.

This was further incentive for me to avoid friendship with children at school. When a member of the church commits a series sin and is not repentant, they are disfellowshipped. When a person is disfellowshipped, no one who is a member of the church can speak to them. Not even a hello. A person can be disfellowshipped for a large range of unforgivable sins.

One of them is slander. This is when you speak badly of the religion and its members. I could be disfellowshipped for giving this very speech.

They are taught by someone who speaks badly about the religion and its members are demon possessed and are dangerous to associate with.

Within this religion, love is conditional.

I interviewed three women for this speech. They wish to remain anonymous, so I will be using false names. All of these women were members of this religion and were oblivious to all the horrible things that were hidden within the religion.

My goal is that by sharing their stories with you, you’ll see the danger that is involving with the blindly following any religion, belief system or a person.

Dana lives in Manitou, Wisconsin. I know her personally since I was a child. When Dana was a young woman, she was molested by a man in the Manitou congregation. She never told anyone because she knew nothing was going to be done. Later in life, Dana married a man within the organization. They were married for 14 years. All of these years he abused her emotionally and physically. She had gone to the elders many times for help. Every time she was told it was her fault and to be better wife. She listened even though she knew in heart it was wrong.

One night when he pushed her around, she called the police, he went to jail that night. The elders later talked to him about the incident, however, they never to checked too see if her and their four children were okay. The elders were supposed to be her family. This is when she lost all her respect for the organization. She was abused not only by her husband, but the – by the religion, who turned blame on her.

All of her family were Jehovah’s witnesses. The organization is all she knew, she did not want to disappoint them, or her husband, or Jehovah all those years. If she did, they would no longer love her. In the end, we all can see the organization let her down. Dana was brave enough to think for herself. She told me, never allow the way you are brought up or the fear of disappointing your family, because you’d compromise what you know is right, think in your heart, or cause you stay in a situation where you feel unsafe and unacknowledged.

They have since been divorced, but the abuse did not end there. She was disfellowshipped, losing all of her friends and family she had known her whole life. To make matter worse, her children were taught not to speak to her because she was evil. They were isolated by her ex-husband and know nothing other than this religion.

They are also terrified – terrified – terrified of disappointing her father and their god. The religion is separating a capable and loving mother from her children. Nothing could be more devastating as a mother. She told me, my best chance of getting through to them is just letting them know I love them.

Love for members in the religion is conditional. Dana knows that her unconditional love for her children will standout to them when they can see pass the isolated world their controlling father allows them to see.

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Jane has a son, with a degenerative brain disease. When the Jehovah witnesses came to her ten years ago, they promised to save her son. She was immediately sucked into the religion.

Her husband wanted nothing to do with the religion. The religion requires so much and enveloped her whole life. Her husband left her because of this. She never blamed him for leaving. Janes’ mother was a drug – drug addict. So she grew up in a foster homes. Janes only family was the congregation.

Jane sold insurance policies for her living. Four years ago, she was delivering an insurance policy to a man’s house. When she arrived, she was raped. Afterwards she immediately called to a friend in the congregation to take her to the hospital. Jane told me, my main injury was either that I had bruised hand prints around my neck. He was going to choke her to death, if she did not submit.

She immediately pressed charges.

After she had told the whole story to the doctors the elders expected the same. They asked her many awful questions, questions that should never be asked to a rape victim. After they interrogated her, they concluded that because I laid back, to not be chocked I gave him permission.

They did not stop the disgusting blame on her there. They went on to say that she tempted men through the way she dressed. And that I worked a job that caused me to be along with men. This led to temptation. They were only human. The elders blamed her and she believed them. She honestly felt, she was responsible for being raped.

Jane could have been disfellowshipped for being raped.

In order to be forgiven, she had to dress even more conservatively, quit her job and drop the charges against her rapist.

It took Jean years to realize how messed up what the congregation did to her was. Over the years, Jane had one friend who stood by her side, through all her struggles. This friend was a lesbian, one of the most evil people in the bible.

Jane told me, in my head she represented the world and that’s where the love was.

Jane is still recovering from this awful incident. She wanted to share her story with me, so that this awful event could do some good. Love is the only thing she needed to get through this and she found that in the world.

Jane knows the difference, unconditional love makes in our lives. She told me, I think the most beautiful thing in life is love and if you’re looking for it, this organization is not where you’re going to find it.

The third woman I interviewed was Trisha. Trisha lived a life without love. Her father was a kidnapper, a rapist, a child molester, a drug addict, and attempted murderer and a ministerial servant within the congregation – in very good standing. Her mother was a drug addict and exposed her children to many dangerous men.

All of Trisha’s family were Jehovah’s witnesses and hidden drug addicts. They even smuggle drugs across the borders of Mexico for many years.

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Both her mother’s husbands and the man Trisha married, abused her.

She only married this man because her mother told her to. She always wanted to make her mother happy, but she never could and always ended with her being abused and betrayed.

Trisha was a slave to her abusers, trapped in a religion and a family that lacked love. Trisha endured the unspeakable and went through more than what I can possibly share with you.

However Trisha was able to sum up the danger that lies in this religion perfectly.

She told me the biggest problem I have with this religion is that it allows people, like my parents, to use it as a front for their criminal activity and the terrible lives they lead. There really is no recourse or having to answer for all the bad they have done in the lives they are hurt. They honestly believe that just praying for forgiveness absolves them of their sins. They leave the victims to pick up the broken pieces them self, often with no help and no support from anyone.

Witnesses are taught to mistrust the world. So you are not trying to be a good witness. You don’t go outside the witnesses for help. If you go to the congregation leaders looking for help, a lot times – a lot of times what happens is that you are told that you are showing the proper forgiveness spirit and you are not letting Jehovah take care of things.

It is a broken system that blames the victim and takes all someones own natural powers from them.

It is a religion that preaches love and acceptance, but the reality is everything is conditional.

Love and acceptance is only extended as long as members practice absolute obedience and question nothing, ever. This religion destroys lives, destroys families and they do it largely unchecked.

No one knows because they are really good at silencing the ones who leave.

These women are the strongest people I have even spoken to. These women have experienced more cruelty than I can fathom, yet, they remain kind and loving.

They are living proof that you do not need religion to be moral. But also being religious does not make you moral.

After learning all of this organization has hid for its members, I want no part of it, needless to say, my mother and I are no longer Jehovah’s witnesses.

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And as a result we have lost all of our friends and family within the organization. We are both told this was the one true religion, as to Dana, Jane and Trisha.

The majority of people in the religion believe it is the only way to save their lives and Armageddon and do not know the secrets that are being covered up.

Learning all the cruelty and corruption that was hidden in this religion flipped our worlds upside down.

Everything we devoted our lives to was nothing. We do not want any of you experience this stress and confusion of losing everything.

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Unconditional love is what gave Dana, Jane and Trisha and I, the courage to share our stories. But it is vital that you think for yourself. So you are never widely devoting your lives to a dangerous and awful cause. Thank you.

Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses

Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses

Brave High School Student Exposes Abuse And Corruption Within Jehovahs Witnesses. My goal is that by sharing their stories with you, you’ll see the danger that is involving with the blindly following any religion, belief system or a person. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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