Brandon Rogers A Day With Mom


Brandon Rogers A Day With Mom

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[Brandon Rogers A Day With Mom]

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Uh…uh.. uh…uh… Harder Brandon, harder, god damn it.


You know your room isn’t going to clean itself when you’re watching those damn workout videos all day. Kids, grab your shit, we’re leaving.

Now Samantha you grab your Tablet I don’t want you talking to me.

Good morning, Donna! Love, what you did with the tulips. Fucking bitch! Go get em Timmy, your momma’s little champ. Oh, no, Nancy he sucks.

Shopping can be really fun, shopping is for everyone. What the fuck did you just say to me? Oh, look at these, these are adorable. If you don’t shape up if you’re going with your grandfather. And he’s horny. You’re making a scene.

You are the cum shot I should have swallowed.

Out of my way, I’m a mom making a difference. Timmy, please come to the front of the store or momma’s cooking lentils.

Shit, where is the baby? No, guys it’s serious this time. All right, we’re home. Grab the bags. That’s how you talk to your mother, where did you get vodka?

Dinner is going to be ready in one hour. God damn, spaghetti, needs more Asiago. Damn it who left their cup of coffee in my workstation. Fuck it is momma’s now, that is some good shit. More Asiago, fuck it we’re doing paper plates tonight. This coffee is really giving momma the plural peps! You know we still got a few hours of daylight left why don’t we do the whole thing over again. So we can get ahead start for tomorrow. Let’s go!

Hi, Donna, you’re a fucking bitch. It’d be nice if you could win one goddamn game Timmy. Oh, Jesus, come on. I’m a mom making a difference. It’s faster if you roll. We are back. Where the hell are the tampons?

Move your ass. Shit, my baby is French fries. Jesus, these are fucking cute. Roll faster. These French fries are a baby. Timmy this coffee is kicking in, momma’s got to shit! What do you mean it’s coming out clear? Fuck, I think I left the groceries on the roof.

Well, at least it wasn’t the eggs. All right, grab the bag, one more time in momma’s mouth. Damn it, another cup of coffee.

Wooooooooooo… Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Who’s ready for second dinner? Asiago, paper plates! Hope you kids are hungry. You know we still got five minutes of daylight left why don’t we do the whole thing one more time to get ahead for next week.



Hi, Donna.



Shit head, I’m going to shove these up my ass. Someone’s got a lawsuit on their hands. Timmy, where the fuck are you?

Push faster.

God damn it, I left it in neutral. Hold on, momma needs to rest. Please stop staring at me.

This lady’s here every day, it’s so sad.

Leave me alone. I’m a mom making a difference. Another cup of coffee.

Brandon Rogers A Day With Mom

Brandon Rogers A Day With Mom

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