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BradyCampaign Cayman’s Story

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[BradyCampaign Cayman’s Story]


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Hi, I’m Farid Naib. I’m Cayman Naib’s father. He loved to play video games. He loved to play soccer. He was full of life. We’ve just gotten back from a family ski trip, my son and my daughter and I and uh… life was about as good as it could be.

Life Changed in an Instant

He got a bad note from school one day, bad email telling him he was failing a course and he when found this gun, which I had no idea that he knew word was, the gun with lock with a trigger guard which remained locked throughout all this. And he was able to take the gun and kill himself and this was in the space of you know 20, 30 minutes.

20,000 Americans Take Their Own Lives Every Year Using a Gun
3/4 of Teen Gun Suicides Involve a Parent’s Gun

I bought the gun 30 years ago for personal protection. And when the kids were born, I should have thrown it away – didn’t throw it away I went out and bought a trigger guard for it, locked it and then forgot about it. I thought I’d done everything I needed to do and I was totally wrong. And fine if was just me, but other people have reached out to me and I am not the only one.

I got an email from a dad after Cayman’s suicide, who son had died under pretty similar circumstances. And the email he sent me said, I wish I’d known what I know today about impulse suicides and guns, I would have never had a gun in the house. And I really think about that message a lot. If I’ve gotten it before something it happened to Cayman then I would have probably gotten rid of the gun.

Most Suicides are Impulsive

71% are Attempted Within One Hour of Deciding

I felt that when a child was going to commit suicide, there would be warning signs and there was nothing, kids get upset.

A Gun in the Home Makes a Suicide 3x More Likely

And they make bad decisions when they’re upset. And by having a gun in house that they can access, you give them the ability to make that bad decision permanent.

Moving Forward

You know I mean Cayman is, his dad, I’m trying to turn a negative not so much into a positive but if I can prevent other people from having this negative with things like this, and I need to do that.

[Farid Naib:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
My own personal mantra is I want to do 14 good things one for every year of Cayman’s life. And so I’m kind of working through those things as well as to try and get the message out that, that again you’re at risk – talk to your kids about suicide. Remove any easy way to commit suicide. I don’t think there is a hour. I don’t think about Cayman and his death, it’s really before Cayman and after Cayman. This heartache is unbearable and if I had not had a gun in the house, I would not be experiencing it.

BradyCampaign Cayman's Story

BradyCampaign Cayman’s Story


If you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis,
Call 800-273-TALK (8255)

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