Boogie2988 WHY Do People HATE Fat People


Boogie2988 WHY Do People HATE Fat People

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[Boogie2988 WHY Do People HATE Fat People]

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Boogie2988: What’s up? Ladies and gentlemen of YouTube, Boogie2988 coming at you live, once again through the power of the internet. And it’s amazing because right now we are living in a renaissance. A renaissance of fat hatred. In music, in movies, in songs, in TV shows and especially on the internet, I’m seeing more fat hate than I ever have in the 40 years I’ve been alive. I’m not an expert in many things but I’m definitely an expert of what it’s like to be hated on because of your size. I’ve been big my whole life, I was at 200 pound fourth grader, I was a 400 pound 12th grader, I’ve heard it all.

Fat, fatty, four eyes, thunder highs, Jabba the Hutt, bubble butt, the most pathetic are which are stuff like Cartman or Peter Griffin or Gavin, those are just the names of other fat people. That’s not a joke or an insult. After several years you’re on YouTube, I’ve personally become immune to it. And I think my audiences picked up on that because the fat hatred for me personally has decreased dramatically.

But I am seeing it elsewhere, targeted other people, mostly women for some reason. I think this all has to do with the health at any size and fat acceptance movements. This is causing a backlash which is causing skinnier people or even self hating fat people to push back. So if you are a member of that movement let me go ahead and set the record straight. Health at any size is a lie, if you’re a 50 or 100 pounds or more overweight you are directly impacting your health.

If for some reason the entire medical community is not enough to convince you of that, then let me try at 40 years old I take 15 pills a day and an injection just to stay alive and on top of that my knees are shot, my back is shot, I have trouble walking, I have trouble standing, how these days I’ve troubled sitting comfortably. Just keep in mind this old saying, ‘there are a lot of fat people and there are a lot of old people, but there is a not a lot of fat old people’.

Now if you are part of the fat acceptance movement, let me thank you personally as a member of that same movement I want to say that you are doing noble work. However fat acceptance shouldn’t be about convincing the whole world to love and accept you. Fat acceptance should be about learning to love yourself. In my years on YouTube I have tried to do exactly what you are trying to do. Convince people not to hate me, exclusively because of my size and to look passed it to see all of the other wonderful traits I brought to the table and many people have chosen to do this and many people out right refuse it, I’ve learned that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time and only a fool will try.

What I have successfully done over the last few years is learned to accept and love myself and that’s where the real healing begin. It is taken a hell of a lot of effort to learn to love this. But thanks to my awesome wife and my awesome friends, my awesome family and my awesome viewers, I learned to love it just the same.

In fact, I discovered, I love myself so much. That I even love myself more than I do buffets and ‘I love me some buffets – mm…’. Because of that change in my head and my heart I actually stopped gaining weight for the first time in my life and started going in the other direction and while it’s been very slower the last three years, I’m currently 60 pounds smaller than I was at my biggest. And that’s the hypocritical thing about fat hatred by the way because this is a group of people they say they would love to eliminate fat people and encourage everyone to loose weight. But they do it completely the wrong way.

One of the key ingredients of beating obesity is learning to love and care for yourself and that’s really hard to do when you login to the internet to find hundreds of thousands of people berating and mocking you.

I have watched the internet grow-up since infancy and I can tell you going all the way back to the 90’s from fat chicks and party hats to reddit’s ‘fat people hate today’. I have seen all of the fat hatred that’s ever been posted on the internet and I can assure you not one bit of it has ever helped me.

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In fact on some of my most desperate days when I was trying to muster all the strength that could to do the things that I needed to do just to stay alive and avoid food – reading that stuff, seeing it on the internet or god forbid, even seeing at some of my favorite television shows, made me want to give up and eat and so I did.

And fellow fat people it’s nobody’s fault but my own, remember that — but that stuff didn’t help.

So if you are one of the people that post in one of these hate group, eco-chambers, do me a favor, let’s just be honest with ourselves here. You know you’re not helping any body, at the very least you’re getting your rocks off, making fun of people you don’t like, but chances are, you’re also doing a lot of damage when people see this stuff.

You’re excused that fat people are all subhuman lazy pieces of crab, doesn’t float because we are people, we are human beings with thoughts and emotions just as strong and as valid as yours and we’re doing the best we can even if our best isn’t up to your standards. The excuse you use is that it’s a choice, but let’s be honest would anyone choose this.

I mean look at this, look at this, do you think I would choose this?

Or do you think I’m doing everything I humanly can to fight it.

The misperception that fat people are stupid or lazy or weak willed is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Because it takes a lot of will and effort to live a day like this much less try to fight it.

And by the way we all know it’s a matter of calories in versus calories out. Eat less and move more, we know that. But there are a lot of physical and especially mental reasons that can be complicated. But let me drive this point home. Your snide comments is one of them, I’m still an advocate for fat acceptance, okay?

But I’m smart enough to know that you will never accept me. So I’m just going to ask you this simple favor. “Could you leave fat people alone, a wise men one said, you do you and I’ll do me”. If you take nothing else away from this video, let me just drive this point home.

I have met hundreds and hundreds of morbidly obese people and one thing rings true. Most of those people were addicted to food and the reason they were addicted to food is because they had a mental issue. And when you are making fun of overweight people, you are genuinely, generally making fun of people with mental issues and that sucks.

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If you want to try even harder though, do me a favor and realize this. Whereas my fat is the majority of what’s here [body], it makes up none of what’s in here [brain] or what’s in here [heart]. We are just as valid of a human being as you or anyone else and we deserve the same respect you would provide for anyone.

The difference is with the morbidly obese person eating themselves into an early grave that respect – just might save our lives. But that’s just my opinion about it. I’d loved to hear yours in the comment section below.

Let me know would you align yourself with fat acceptance, do you hate it and do you hate fat people or you’re a fat people hater. Are you nowhere in between, have you ever been overweight yourself, have you lost weight, if so share the tips that you have with the people in the description box below in, if you can’t be kind each other. Because I could tell you this world is rough enough without that crap.

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So, all right guys. I love you very much. Thanks for listening. I’ll speak with you again soon.

Boogie2988 WHY Do People HATE Fat People

Boogie2988 WHY Do People HATE Fat People

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