Boogie2988 Social Media Rap 2016


Boogie2988 Social Media Rap 2016

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[Boogie2988 Social Media Rap 2016]


One second guys… I just got this beat from my friend SadikBeatz… it’s a sick beat… oh shit…

What’s up? Ladies and Gentlemen of YouTube it’s me boogie2988,
I wanna thank you for clicking subscribe,
Even though my videos are not that great. (YO!)
This isn’t all that I do…
Making Videos here on YouTube.
I’m also tweeting out on my Twitter, you can follow me there and read ’em on your shitter.
I’m on Twitch now, every couple of days
You can follow me there and watch me play
If you’re on Facebook, you can click my face
With pics and links all over the place
If you’re a Redditer, I’ve got a subreddit too
There’s lots of cool stuff for you to do
And on the consoles on uberwolf0 follow me there and you can be my hero!
Ya… we did it… social media 2016, I’m turning this shit up!
I’m gettin turnt up…
Okay, the […] the world […]

I even got a Patreon, I got a cafepress shirts and shit.
All those links will be down in the diddly doo!
Get down there!
And check it out!
I’m all up on this internet, I’m everywhere.
Hope to see you there.
Hope to see you there.
Your boy’s got flow.
And this beat is sick Sadik… Yeah…. Wooooooo….


Boogie2988 Social Media Rap 2016

Boogie2988 Social Media Rap 2016

Beat by SadikBeatz:

Connect and Follow Boogie2988:
Gaming Channel:
VINE: boogie2988
Instagram: realboogie2988
PSN: uberwolf0
Xbl: uberwolf0

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