Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel’s – Youtube Gaming


Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel’s – Youtube Gaming

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[Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel’s – Youtube Gaming]


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Hey guys, it’s me, Francis. And I got a little video going out to Jimmy Kimmel and his crew over there at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, his own team of comedy writers, if you call whatever the hell they do over there comedy.

Jimmy, your video making fun of people, who watch gaming on YouTube really pissed me off man. And I got to tell you something, I used to be a really big Jimmy Kimmel fan. I used to be your biggest fan, I watched you ever since the Man Show. But I do not consider myself a Jimmy Kimmel fan anymore after this. You said you don’t understand why people watch other people play video games, okay, which is not fucking rocket surgery man. If you have a brain, you’d be able to figure it out.

Let me explain it to you Jimmy in ways I think you and your staff can understand.

One of the reasons I watch other people play a game is because they’re skilled at it. Okay. And its fun to watch someone who’s more skilled at something excel at what they do. For example, that’s why you and your staff turn into the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Another reason is because we don’t all have Jimmy Kimmel money. We’re not running around in our fucking Ferrari with our $3,000 suits, okay. Some of us can’t afford all the video games we want, so we are going to watch somebody else play it to see if its any good, or we are going to watch and play it because we can’t afford to play it ourselves Jimmy, all right. We do it for the same reason you watch porn so you can pretend you’re getting laid.

We also do it for a sense of community, all right. It’s the same reason people watch your show, Jimmy, because we like these celebrities, who play these games, we look up to them, we admire them, all right, we want to interact with them the same way you interact with them on your show.

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Some of us, but not all of us, some of us gamers could be lonely people, all right. And we like to watch our favorite games getting played by people we find entertaining and respectful and funny and kind who are good at the game. And we want [sit] in a chat room with hundreds of other people who love our hobby as much as we do, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with it, Jimmy, and you got to make fun of us for that.

I get that you don’t understand it, okay. I get that your brain, your stupid old man brain isn’t capable of comprehending it, all right, all right. I’m not asking you to understand it, I’m asking you to fucking respect it and show us some fucking respect.

I’ll make you a deal Jimmy Kimmel, if you promise to stop making fun of us, gamers, then I promise next football season I won’t come to your house on any given Sunday and knock Beast Modes dick out of your mouth.

Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel's - Youtube Gaming

Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel’s – Youtube Gaming

Boogie2988 Francis Hates Jimmy Kimmel’s – Youtube Gaming. We also do it for a sense of community… Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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