Bogus Beggars Caught Red Handed


INSIDE EDITION Investigates Bogus Beggars

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[Bogus Beggars Caught Red Handed]

Just how genuine are those people you see on the street, asking for a handout?

“Please help me.”

Day after day, we watched this sad pathetic woman hobbling on crutches, and shaking her cup for donations. And boy did her cup runneth over.

Yeah. “Here you go, OK?”

“Thank you.”

Her territory was The Avenue of Avenues, Fifth Avenue, where stores like Gucci, Prada and Tiffany’s attract wealthy and apparently generous shoppers. One after another, we saw them dropping cash into her cup. On busy days, she averaged an amazing 50 donations an hour.

“God bless you.” Source:

She certainly looks like a sad and desperate lady. But we were a little suspicious. So we followed her. Here she is getting off a bus in Queens and hopping into a minivan. But it’s a totally different looking woman that emerges when the van pulls over. Why it’s a miracle, here she is walking perfectly fine and of course, the crutches are gone.

She is walking, no crutches, nothing.

Our cameras rolled, as night after night we saw her crossing streets, maneuvering upstairs, meeting up with friends, and even doing a little shopping.

Stuck on her cellphone, got her UGGs on.

So how does she do it? When it’s time to go to work, she changes into her work clothes in the back of this van. Voila! She is ready for another day of bent over bogus begging.

“Please help me.”

Later that morning she told our producer wearing a hidden camera, she hurt her back in a car accident.

“What happened?”



Hmm. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

I decided it was time to ask her a few questions. We’ve been watching you the last few days and you don’t really need those crutches, do you? We saw you this morning walking perfectly fine.

But like any good actor, she never broke character. Look the jig is up. Why don’t you walk normally like you did this morning?

Bogus Beggars Caught Red Handed

Bogus Beggars Caught Red Handed

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