Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler


Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler

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[Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler]

How are you doing sir?

[Tyrie Cuyler:]

All right. The reason I’m stopping is because you pulled right out in front of us. Is there any legal reason you did that or.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] My window was foggy so, you was on the right, which is where you came from, I must of missed you but uh…. I put my blinkers on after the stop sign I don’t know why.

Okay. You got your license on you partner?

[Tyrie Cuyler:] Oh, I don’t have my license on me. [inaudible]

Alright do me a favor turn off your car. That’s fine. turn off the car. Hand me the key. Now I’m just gonna set it up right here until we run your information and get it from there.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] Okay.


[Tyrie Cuyler:] Okay. Source:

What’s your name?

[Tyrie Cuyler:] Tyrie. T.Y.R.I.E.

Last name?

[Tyrie Cuyler:] Cuyler. CUY.


[Tyrie Cuyler:] CU, CUY.


[Tyrie Cuyler:] LER.

And spell your first name again.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] Tyrie. TYRIE.

Date of birth.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] 3/99.

What is your social?

[Tyrie Cuyler:] [Redacted]

Okay. All right. Is there anything in this car that we need to know about or worry about.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] No, sir.

Alright, mind stepping out because you are acting a little nervous and stuff.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] I’m not acting nervous sir.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You act on a little nervous. You was hesitant on handing me the key and everything, so get out and step out the vehicle.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] No I’m not sir. [indiscernible]

Do me favor, step out the vehicle. All right. I just want to make sure there is no weapons or anything. Do not be reaching in there partner.

[Tyrie Cuyler:] I am not reaching sir.

(Gun shots)

Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler

Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler

Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting Tyrie Cuyler. I am not reaching sir. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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