Bob Hansler Medical Crisis Please Watch


Bob Hansler Medical Crisis Please Watch

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[Bob Hansler Medical Crisis Please Watch]

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Hey Group. This is an incredibly hard video to make and I hope this is the hardest video I ever have to make. But I’m taking this opportunity mostly because it’s pretty much my last day to do this to give you ya’ll an update. Because a lot of people have been worried about my absence online for a couple months.

But this is about the last sunset I’m going to have for a while and maybe forever.

About two months ago I started having eyesight and vision problems, my right eye went dim and then went black. And then my left eye started to blur and dim as well.

So these past two months have been nothing but doctors offices and hospitals and surgery and pain killers and sitting in a dim room with my face straight down.

Our life has been on hold, my wife is picking up the slack everywhere.

And my puppy – my right eye has been operated on several times. I can see a little bit of light out of it now.

My left eye, which I can still see a bit out of, is about to be operated on tomorrow morning and from there, well, I won’t be able to see anything for a couple of months at least, if the surgeries work.

Don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know why it happened.

The right eye was completely detached retina, the left eye is partially detached, tons of scar tissue – and then to top it off about an hour ago Discovery Channel called me up and said Congratulations. We want to put you on a TV Show. You’re approved. Get ready and I’ve had to explain to them the situation.

So right now I’m asking for your prayers because that’s what it’s going to take right now. I’ve got an amazing doctor. One of the most amazing doctors and he’s highly competent, two hours away the hospital and doctor’s office. I should know what’s going on within two or three weeks though, month at the least or the most, rather.

If you are one of my friends or family, you know that I have a ton of pride and I have a real hard time asking for help but the last three or four weeks, I’ve been sitting in that room laying down, looking at, looking at what my life might become. What dreams I’m going to have to kind of push on the wayside.

How am I going to take care of my family?

And before I go into surgery and I’m under painkillers again, because this is one of the last days where I’ve actually felt okay, Thanksgiving for me did not happen. I didn’t get out of that room. But one of my last days of being able to see my beautiful wife and watch the sun go down for those of you that can we’re going to go ahead and probably next week after the surgery because we’re – we have to go in now.

We’re going to start a Go Fund Me page, because these surgeries are building up, the bills keep on coming. Not to mention it’s a two hour drive to the hospital. The closest one four hours round trip surgeries and different consultations.

We have to get a hotel room so we’ve been in hit in the [inaudible] pretty hard and I just don’t know where this is all going to go.


If you, if you go ahead and put your prayers in the comments guys, if you get on maybe my discussion board or something and give me ideas maybe in a month.

Even though I can’t see I can sit there and tell you little about my life or any of the other things that I could make videos out of for a while.

Give me something to think about, while I’m um… sitting there in the darkness but I will go ahead and put a link in this video to the Go Fund Me.

I’ll put a link in the description and hopefully within a couple days of posting this. My wife will be able to comment to the very top of this video comment section and tell you how I’m doing, because she’s going to be the one reading stuff to me and commenting back to you all for quite a while I imagine.

It has been here and there actually, I’d appreciate anything prayers, guys like and subscribe go ahead and if you’ll share this, until next time.

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Sorry about that, this is been rather hard to say the least – what I can say. Is that whether I’m blind or not one way or another I’ve got a lot more videos to make.

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Bob Hansler Medical Crisis Please Watch

Bob Hansler Medical Crisis Please Watch

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