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Blaire White Male Victims Are Funny

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[Blaire White Male Victims Are Funny]

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So, sometime ago I was in a psychology class. This was about, I’m going to say three semesters ago, may be honestly two, I don’t know. Anyways, so I was in the psychology class and what’s interesting to note in the psychology class was that, it was a feminist classroom, not that it was like the study of like the psychology of feminism, but it was – the instructor was a very [vigilant] and open feminist.

She, on the first day of the school actually we’re going over the syllabus and she said that so first things first, this class is an LGBT safe zone, and this is actually pretty reasonable because she, worded it in way of like, you can have disagreements with each other and not understand what it means to be gay, or what it needs to be trans, but just don’t disrespect each other.

So, I think that was reasonable, but where she kind of went to the left was when she said, and this is a women, not a women, she said this is a safe zone to discuss the women’s issues, because I am a feminist and I hope that everyone in this room is a feminist, and then she looked around the room and kind of gave everyone like the side eye, like in a playful way, but at the same time it was kind of like, okay you’re – you know I understand not but you’re sort of alienating people who might not subscribe to a feminist ideology. So that was a little bit weird for me.

About the time this was like a year and a half ago, I wasn’t, I didn’t identify as an anti-feminist, an MRA anything like that, I just was going with the flow.

I didn’t know a ton about feminist ideology. So, pretty much all the time in this class she would find some way to work and what we are learning about internal psychology to a women’s issue, if we’re talking about the communication styles, if we are talking about communication styles, she would talk about the styles of women and men and how men’s communication style has less productive, less effective et cetera.

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So, I thought that was kind of like, again this is before I – as some say, took the red pill but I, it still was kind of weird to me.

So, all this feminist talk kind of came to ahead and by the way everyone in the class, not everyone – it was a relatively large class, I think, there was like; 30 kids in there, may be a little more, but a lot of these people identified as feminist. I mean the discussions that went back and forth all the time where between feminist 1 and feminist 2 and the rest of everyone else, and it was just a lot of feminism talk all the time.

So, it kind of all came to a head when we were doing presentations, and we had to stand up on the class talk about, I forget what even like the instructions for the assignment were about, once when I start someone was doing a presentation about domestic violence and in this presentation they talked about the entire presentation was gynocentric. It was talking about women as victims domestic violence, there was really no talk of men, I think, she included like a one statistic about men, but I don’t think it was a legit statistic or a valid one, and uh… once this started going people in the class were talking about their own experiences with domestic violence whether it was something they went through themselves, their family, their parents, their mom whatever. And it’s super like, even weird to think back, because like this is the college setting and like people in the class were crying, talking about their stories and I understand that their powerful story and they are emotional stories, but I was like, okay why are we all like crying in class, I don’t get it.

People are like walking out, people were so upset that they couldn’t listen to it and it wasn’t me, I was actually like sort of, it sounds bad, I was sort of like, when I’m in awkward situations, I tend to laugh and it’s horrible, because like I don’t think it’s funny, like this girl was talking about like how her boyfriend slapped her, and that’s horrible. And I wasn’t laughing because it was funny, but I was laughing because I didn’t know how to react, so I was kind of like hiding my head and pretending like I was upset, but I was actually laughing by anyways.

So all these girls are telling their stories, everyone is emotional, everyone is crying, the teacher is crying, the teacher is you know, encouraging the discussion which is fine, ‘oh, girl, what am I doing?’

So anyways, it comes around to one male student’s chance to talk. And he was like the last person that talked. I’m only guessing this is because this is something that’s a little harder for a males to talk about, so his personal story, he was probably weighing in his mind, like should I talk about it? Should I not?

He tells his story, and I don’t remember exactly what he, what his situation was, but basically his situation was worse than any girls in this class who talked about how their boyfriend used to verbally abuse them or used to hit them or used to grab them whatever, this guy said, my ex-girlfriend used to leave me with scratches, bruises, blood, cuts like she used to really abuse me, so that’s horrible right? Shocking right? Horrible.

But, as soon as he started talking, and he said that he had a girlfriend who used to abuse him, everyone in the class started laughing.

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Literally, I think the only person that didn’t laugh was fucking me and the instructor, the professor, I mean, I was really shocked by that, the fact that all these women are opening up and telling their stories, and everyone is going through all this emotion and then this guy decides to do it and it’s like funny, and it was the most awkward, weird situation I was ever in, being surrounded by all these people who thought that it was funny. And these were all feminists.

So I just wanted to kind of tell this story to be like this was one of the defining moments, I know, I talked about my transition being something that really helped me, see past feminism, for the bullshit that it is, but this was one of those moments too, being in a room full of feminists who are giggling about this man’s story and its – he, after they started laughing at it, I should finish the story, he sort of like, I feel like, he may be was taken back a little bit too, that everyone was laughing, he did finished his story, and then he kind of played it off, like it wasn’t a big deal although you could kind of tell when he started the story, that it was a big deal to him, but you could tell that like, he knew that no one else in the room thought it was, so he wasn’t going to make it out to be.

And I think that this is microcosmic of society as a whole, you know when was the last time you saw a domestic violence commercial centered around men being the victims, portraying a male victim. When was the last time you heard of a male hotline for domestic violence? And the truth is you know more women in the U.S. are affected by domestic violence in terms of being victims, but it’s something like over 40% are men. So, it’s not like its 90:10 or 80:20, it’s like 60:40 and I would venture to guess that it might even be closer to 50:50 if you take into account the fact that men don’t talk about it. And when they do, they get fucking laughed out, as with the case, was what I saw.

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So, yeah, that was just one of the little defining moments leading to me going down the path of anti-feminism, and the rights for women et cetera, just a quick little story, and yeah…

Blaire White Male Victims Are Funny

Blaire White Male Victims Are Funny

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