Bill Wurtz What Is Love?


Bill Wurtz What Is Love

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[Bill Wurtz What Is Love]

What is Love?

Fruit? no, bread, no. Fruit & bread probably not, is it a conversation?


jim pat:(or bob)

hi. hi

hi hi

do you like mice no

bye bye


Is it a fruitful sales deal?

Yes! No!

actually no, maybe

is it a hearty breakfast?


mmm, my favorite brand.


is it a 4 letter word that you can use in various ways that are mostly positive?

I LOVE moms
I LOVE the beach
I LOVE electronics
I LOVE the mexican nation
I LOVE inside/outside baseball
I LOVE crowd surfing
I LOVE a warm night by the fire
I LOVE early bollywood films
I LOVE social justice
I LOVE competitive vaping
I LOVE stairs

Hell Yeah.

Bill Wurtz What Is Love

Bill Wurtz What Is Love

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