Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets – The Bill Nye Film


Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets – The Bill Nye Film

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[Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets – The Bill Nye Film]

[William Sanford “Bill” Nye (born November 27, 1955):] Source:
Hi, Bill Nye here and I’m just reviewing some of the mean tweets people bother to take the time to tweet about me.

Listening to tfios because Bill Nye sucks butthole.

[Bill Nye:]
Did not know that.


[Bill Nye:]
That would not be a good usage of ****. I’m not clear that. I assume she was probably in a hurry.

[Bill Nye:]
Here’s a mean tweet.

Bill Nye made me hate science to a whole new level because he thought it was fun and I think it still sucks.

Thank you.

I hate you Bill Nye, that guy is so annoying¡

[Bill Nye:] Source:
Like so annoying.

When I want facts about Global Warming, I mean climate change, my GO TO guys are mechanical engineer Bill Nye, and political hack Algore!

[Bill Nye:]
And Al Gore is one word, Algore. This person thinks that a mechanical engineer is somehow not qualified to accept the overwhelming scientific evidence. And this is what’s a deal, somehow if Al Gore hadn’t made the movie that world’s climate wouldn’t be changing I assume.

Bill Nye wrote a book called Undeniable and I will forever hate him because he did not name it UndeNYEable.

[Bill Nye:]
With a NYEable. Hey person, sorry. [laughs]

You pretend the global warming fairy is real even as you live in a mansion. Maybe do cartwheel for voodoo.

[Bill Nye:]
I don’t know, I’m not sure where it comes from.

yo bill. Global warming is fake and evolution is a conspiracy

[Bill Nye:]
I have to say, I think, you’re completely wrong on both counts. I’m sorry you’re cluttering up the Internet.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is trippy as f***.

[Bill Nye:]
No I don’t know exactly how trippy f*** is, but I imagine it’s excessively.

I hate watching these bill nye videos I rather watch paint dry

[Bill Nye:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
It’s not – it doesn’t say I, I just says I – I got to tell you, have you ever watched paint dry? Let me ask you something, does it dry from the top first and the bottom later, or does it dry from the bottom first and the top later? You could find out, you could observe it for yourself.



Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets

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