Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday


Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday

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[Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday]


Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!

William H. Gates (my grandfather)

Lillian Gates (my grandmother)

William H. Gates II (my dad)

Merridy Williams (my aunt)

[William Henry “Bill” Gates III (born October 28, 1955):] Source:
My dad had grown up in Bremerton. He was a good student, very involved in community things. My dad went to the University of Washington and that was interrupted by the war.

William Gates II 1944

[William Henry Gates:]
He chose to go to officers’ training school and then was put on a ship, that was going to attack the Japanese islands. While they were sailing the atomic bombs were dropped and soon after they reached harbor the Japanese surrendered. So he ends up spending most of his time as part of the occupation. He was always amazed, how friendly the Japanese were even though this battle had been one of the most brutal ever.

He decided with the GI Bill it’ll be easy for him to go to law school and he decided law was were he belonged and he always loved being a lawyer. My dad was large presence both physically and in terms of his wisdom. He worked very hard so he’d leave in the mornings often before we had breakfast and get home in time for dinner. You know, I was looked up to my dad in terms of how hard he worked.

At the dinner table, my dad will go through various lawsuits and expect us to follow along. He had high expectations, he was always disappointed I was a little messier than he expected. He always found it contradictory that I was so well-organized mentally. How can I be mentally organized if my room wasn’t well-organized, but he eventually relented somewhat on that.

I remember he helped out on my boy scout stuff quite a bit. He was always the most generous father in terms of stopping for burgers and things. So he was a popular choice for riding back from these grueling hikes we went on.

My dad’s values, his modesty, he’s thoughtfulness about how he behaves. He was a leader in everything that he did. Happy birthday dad. You are an amazing father and we’re so excited we get to do so many fun things together. And you really got the foundation going and put it in a direction that’s made it incredibly successful. So thank you for all your work and all your love.


Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday

Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday

Bill Gates Celebrates His Dad’s 90th Birthday. Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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