Bill Cosby’s Attorney On Client’s Sexual Assault Charge


Bill Cosby’s Attorney On Client’s Sexual Assault Charge

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[Bill Cosby’s Attorney On Client’s Sexual Assault Charge]

Cosby’s attorney Monique Pressley is with us now from Washington. Ms. Pressley, thank you for being with us.

[Monique Pressley:] Source:
Good morning.

Was your client’s reaction when he heard he was being charged?

[Monique Pressley:]
Well this didn’t come as any surprise to us we’ve been cooperating with the Montgomery County DA’s office, since we learned of the investigation initially.

But they are saying that there is significant evidence in this testimony that was unsealed by the judge.

[Monique Pressley:]
Well, everyone can see that testimony, your network has had it available as well as all others, you know, that this was deposition testimony that was the subject of a confidentiality agreement and was supposed to remain sealed but instead not just to the portions that were improperly released based on the judge’s decision Judge Robreno. But also the information that was illegally gained through the release of a court reporter to a media entity; the entire deposition is out there. And there’s nothing in that deposition, where Mr. Cosby admits to committing any crime, in fact he denies it vehemently and speaks specifically with respect to this incident.

However he does admit to buying Quaaludes to use on women; obtaining these Quaaludes to use on women. How are you going to defend that in court?

[Monique Pressley:]
Now, why would we have to defend that in court? That’s an admission that he makes about offering Quaaludes to two specific individuals in the 1970’s, ten years ago Quaaludes weren’t even being made anymore they are literally off the market it’s not something that could even be obtained. And I’m certain even this hungry DA trying to keep a campaign promise isn’t going to assert that Mr. Cosby has had hiding somewhere in his medicine cabinet Quaaludes that are 30, 40, almost 50 years old and that’s what was offered to Andrea Constand on the evening in question many, many years ago.

You know more than 50 other women have accused your client of similar acts regarding sexual assault.

[Monique Pressley:]
And that’s incorrect. And – and that’s incorrect. More than 50 women have not accused my client of similar acts. It’s easy for people like yourselves to say that more than 50 women have done that, but that is not true.

Well 50 women have come forward and publicly stated through the press that Mr. Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted them. Many of them have the exact same stories. How do you plan to defend that in court? Or will you try to stop that from being admissible in court.

[Monique Pressley:] Source:
Well, it certainly isn’t admissible in court. But again 50 women have not come forward and said they had the exact same story. Someone saying that he rubbed against them or their front of their breast at a party is not the same thing as saying that they were in an ongoing consensual adult relationship and then one evening after multiple interactions. I believe I was drugged. Those aren’t the same thing and what this DA has to do is prove the facts of this case.

But Ms. Pressley, as you know the prosecutors could persuade the judge to allow some of the evidence from previous other cases into this one. You have to be prepared for that.

[Monique Pressley:]
Well there aren’t previous other cases what you mean is other allegations. Yes.

There are allegations as you know and there is – and there are a wide range of allegations as you know.

[Monique Pressley:]
Yes. And those are all allegations for which there’s no corroborating evidence, allegations from decades ago, allegations from women who never bothered to go in and make a complaint to police and in most instances claim that they didn’t tell another living soul. So if a judge chooses to consider from a prosecutor such testimony then we will deal with that at that time.

He took a cane with him to court is his current health status part of your defense.

[Monique Pressley:]
His current health status doesn’t have anything to do with the defense for this unsubstantiated charge. His current health status is that he’s a 78 year old blind man, who they’ve chosen to charge. That’s not a defense to a crime that’s just a fact.

Monique Pressley, thank you very much.

[Monique Pressley:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Okay. Thank you.

Bill Cosby's Attorney On Charges

Bill Cosby’s Attorney On Charges

Bill Cosby’s Attorney On Client’s Sexual Assault Charge. Yes. And those are all allegations for which there’s no corroborating evidence. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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