Bill Burr On Mansplaining


Bill Burr On Mansplaining

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[Bill Burr On Mansplaining]


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I was trying to get on to this fucking website here. I got it here, this is a something – it’s just something people want me to talk about. And if you want me to go off on something just tweet at me with #TAMMP, Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast just before Friday.

This is ‘Feminist upset over statue of a man and a woman talking’.

The scene, okay here is the scene, all right, this is in Washington DC.

You’re a woman sitting on a bench reading a book, your male friend sees you on the quad and comes over to say hello and talk. You put down your book, lean back against the bench and smile. He doesn’t sit next to you, instead he puts his foot on the bench and leans over on his knee. So sexist, right?

That scene is depicted in the statue at the University Of Incarnate World in San Antonio, Texas. And despite no sign of distress or physical assertions, some women have decided it is a statue, oh my god this is, of mansplaining, a term used to describe men condescendingly explaining something to a woman. [laughs]

Dude, how much do they fucking hate us, like they never do that?

Jesus Christ, every five seconds they’re trying fix you and change how you are. Why don’t they see the balance in that. That’s fucking nuts to me, anyway seriously here’s the actual statue and the claim of misogyny.

Okay some – some women wrote, a friend spotted this in Texas: #Mansplaining The Statue. Oh my god, I have to start explaining shit to woman, if this fuck annoys them, all you go to do is, just do it more. The tweet went viral over Memorial Day weekend.

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It all started when Ash Hernandez saw the statue on her way to a teacher’s certification test. She was so outraged that she ran back to her car to get her phone to snap a picture.

The sculpture just screamed mansplaining.

Let me just fucking try to open and honest, which is really difficult for me because I’m such a cunt. But when I look at this thing, I don’t she her smiling, she actually looks like her lips are pursed like she’s going ‘really’, but he seems like a nice guy. He’s got a nice full head of hair, he has worn a pair of slacks, he’s got his shirt tucked in.

He does seem like – she seems annoyed by him, I will say that. The way she’s looking up at him, how the fuck do we make this little bigger, but I mean, if I saw this I would be like this guys striking out, she’s not having it.

I don’t know – I don’t know what the deal is. He definitely – I got to admit – he definitely does look like he interrupted her, you know. She’s got her legs crossed, she’s got the book there, she was reading and he came over. I don’t think this is mansplaining, I think the guy is kind of a ‘douche rag’ and he’s taken a fucking – he’s taking ‘a swing’.

I think feminist have to understand that, in order for us to get laid we have initiate the interaction. So uh… you know… maybe he did had to put his loafer up on the bench, but I don’t think that’s a reason to take the whole fucking thing down.

Like I wouldn’t walk by that statue as a guy and be like you know what, I’m going to do that. Next time, I see a lady reading a book I’m going to put my fucking foot on there.

Mansplaining is hilarious, just for the record ladies, they do it to us too.

There’s always that fucking person. You know the person, it’s usually a person who’s, either they’re not educated or they’re overly impressed with their education, like someone who didn’t go to college who’s always trying to constantly throw at some information about something that they’re well-read on that they read – you know to overcompensate for the fact that they didn’t fucking throw a 100 grand into the goddamn toilet, going away to school.

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Or you get those people that, you know; I went to undergrad here and then I matriculate it over to fucking blah, blah, blah from my graduate, then my bachelorette degree. You know those fucking people. You know I’m not saying that that they can’t be cool. I’m not saying someone that doesn’t go to a fucking – never didn’t go – one didn’t go to college can’t be fucking cool, but I’m just saying generally fucking speaking. Those are the two types of people. They over explain shit, you know.

Bill Burr On Mansplaining

Bill Burr On Mansplaining

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