Bill Burr Girl Leg Sweep


Bill Burr Girl Leg Sweep

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[Bill Burr Girl Leg Sweep]

Like A Boss!

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Bill Burr: And if you really feel that there’s no justice in the world ever when it comes to females physically doing stuff to guys. I have a video for you. And I cannot take credit for this YouTube video. This isn’t even YouTube Video of The Week. It’s not YouTube Video of The Month. As far as I’m concerned this is YouTube video of the fucking year.

All right, somebody sent me this clip. It is unbelievable, okay, and it basically involves the classic scenario the hot chick in the bikini. There’s some guy hitting on her, she starts giving him shit back, he gives her shit and then she throws a drink in his face. You know and then turns around and walks away because that’s what you do when you throw a fucking drink in somebody’s face, you just walk away.

You know, now as a guy I feel bad for guys of whoever’s fucking listen to this right now and you’re not near a fucking computer because you really just need to watch it. You really need to watch it ‘cause in a perfect world. This is what you’d be able to do as a guy.

All right, now I have to talk about this video – you know spoiler alert I’m going to tell you, what the fuck happened so do you want to hit pause and fucking watch the video or if you want to listen to me talk about the video. This is – I’m battling right now to give you that opportunity, okay, because I’m going to ruin what the fuck happens.

Okay, I’m going to talk about it in three, two one.

All right, here we go, so she throws the fucking drink in his face and just turns around and walks away. Okay, because that’s what happens in movies nothing ever happens and not to mention if you ever do go to make a move on some girl who does some shit like that, she’d at least use a couple of bouncers there to choke you up.

Basically the scenarios are outside at a pool. You know, I can’t defend the kid who got the drink thrown in his face. He definitely kind of looks like, he could be a bit of a douche but whatever he’s got the balls to walk up to this hot chick that back in the day when I was his age. I wouldn’t have the balls to walk up to. So I give the kid props, okay but he does have a sunglasses dangling from his ears and hanging underneath his chin. So right there the douche level of that is guy’s pretty fucking high.

So whatever, so she throws the fucking drink in his face and just walks away. You know she doesn’t give a shit that he’s got to go home and change or he’s got to stand there and be sticky in 80 degree weather outside the fucking – the pool. So he immediately you know takes a half a pause and then just fucking walks up to the girl and she’s still trying to act tough she’s like what, you know you don’t like white girls because they’ve watch reality TV. Now I know how to act ghetto. She’s like what and throws the empty plastic cup down the ground like she’s going to do something.

All right and the dude I thought he was going to wind up in blaster in the face. So at this point I’m watching it with one eye. Because I don’t give a fuck what a girl does. You never want to see or get hit fucking closed fisted it’s just – it’s ugly even though she threw the drink but the dude. Fucking just I had to watch it twice to see what he does, he does a fucking leg sweep that – that I swear to god, he could have beat one of the [Gracie’s] with one of this – he just, it’s like the girl standing up and then she is not. He just – I can’t believe like from her knees down both those parts of her legs didn’t fly-off like a mortar hit him that’s how fucking, he just fucking, I mean literally standing up act and then out again.

This is like when I told the Rose Bowl story back in the day right, literally just fucking leg sweeps and she just goes waaaa – down to the ground and she hits the back of her head in the concrete and that’s probably like, whoo! Not good, funny until the back of the head hits the concrete but she immediately goes like oh, my god!

“My god!” “My god!”

Basically sounding the alarm for all the guys to come and rescue her, which they kind of don’t. They kind of all stand up like hey, dude, wow, what’s going on you know and I really think if you take a full drink and you throw it in somebody’s face. You’re really taking advantage of that a man should never hit a woman, okay.

[Bill Burr:] Source:
And I really have to be honest with you if the guy punched her in the face I would have said he was a douche. But there’s something about a leg sweep that it had a gentleman quality to it. In fact that’s the comment I left under the first time the video was out there. It was taken down but the comment I left was leg sweep equals gentleman. (laughs)

I got to be honest with you. I’ve seen girls get punched. I’ve seen them get slapped. Okay, I’ve seen a guy shake a girl. I’ve seen a dude choke a girl. None of this I advocate but I’ve seen all that.

I have never seen somebody go for the leg sweep and it was – it was surprising.

You know what I mean it’s like when you see a movie and you think you know how it’s going to end like, oh, Jesus and then the hero comes in on the white horse and then no – no – Leonardo DiCaprio gets popped in the fucking elevator and you’re like holy shit. Holy shit, I didn’t see that coming. That’s what that fucking leg sweep was like. It was like seeing DiCaprio get popped in The Departed, its fucking phenomenal. YouTube Video of The Year.

Why the fuck would you do that?

The guys a dick head.

Come here.

Do you understand this in English? Hey, I don’t give a fuck.

[Cross Talk Inaudible]

Yeah, I am a bitch.

[Cross Talk Inaudible]

Have you seen that?

Bill Burr Girl Leg Sweep

Bill Burr Girl Leg Sweep

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