Bernie Sanders Apologizes To Hillary Clinton For Data Breach


Bernie Sanders Apologizes To Hillary Clinton For Data Breach

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[Bernie Sanders Apologizes To Hillary Clinton For Data Breach]

[David Jason Muir (born November 8, 1973):] Source:
We want to address the controversy of the last 24 hours right off the top because we heard some of the most heated rhetoric of the campaign so far between two of the campaigns on this stage tonight.

Senator Sanders, you fired a campaign staffer you have sued the Democratic National Committee; all of this after your campaign acknowledge that some of your staffers quote, “irresponsibly accessed data from another campaign.” The Clinton campaign called this a very egregious breech of data in ethics and said, quote, “our data was stolen.”

Did they overstate this or were your staffers essentially stealing part of the Clinton playbook?

[Bernard “Bernie” Sanders (born September 8, 1941):]
David, let me give you a little bit of background here. The DNC has hired vendors. On two occasions, there were breeches in information. Two months ago our staff found information on our computers from the Clinton campaign. And when our staffers said, “whoa, what’s going here?” They went to the DNC quietly. They went to the vendor and said, “hey, something is wrong,” and that was quietly dealt with. None of that information was looked at. Our staff at that point did exactly the right thing.

A few days ago a similar incident happened. There was a breach because the DNC vendor screwed up, information came to our campaign. In this case, our staff did the wrong thing, they looked at that information. As soon as we learned that they looked at that information, we fired that person. We are now doing an independent internal investigation to see who else was involved.

Thirdly, what I have a really problem with, and as you mentioned, this is a problem. I recognize it as a problem. But what the DNC did arbitrarily without discussing it with us is shut off our access to our own information crippling our campaign. That is an egregious act. I’m glad that late last night, that was resolved.

Fourthly, I work – look forward to working with Secretary Clinton for an investigation, an independent investigation, about all of the breaches that have occurred from day one in this campaign, because I am not convinced that information from our campaign may not have ended up in her campaign. Don’t know that. But we need an independent investigation, and I hope Secretary Clinton will agree with me for the need of that.

Last point, when we saw the breach two months ago, we didn’t go running to the media and make a big deal about it. And it bothers me very much that, rather than working on this issue to resolve it, it has become many press releases from the Clinton campaign a later.

[David Muir:]
But Senator, you do mention the DNC, the vendor. But you said of your staff that they did the wrong thing.

[Bernie Sanders:] Source:

[David Muir:]
So, does Secretary Clinton deserve an apology tonight?

[Bernie Sanders:]
Yes, I apologize.

[David Muir:]
Secretary Clinton do you accept.

[Bernie Sanders:]
Not only, not only do I apologize to Secretary Clinton and I hope we can work together on an independent investigation from day one. I want to apologize to my supporters. This is not the type of campaign that we run. And if I find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired.

[David Muir:]
Secretary Clinton, he has apologized. How do you react?

[Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947):]
I very much appreciate that comment, Bernie. It really is important that we go forward on this. I know that you now have your data back, and that there has been an agreement for an independent inquiry into what did happen. Obviously, we were distressed when we learned of it, because we have worked very hard. I said in the beginning of this campaign, we wanted to reach as many voters as possible, and we have tens of thousands of volunteers doing that, and entering data all the time to keep up with what people are telling us.

And so, now that, I think, you know, we have resolved your data, we have agreed on an independent inquiry, we should move on. Because I don’t think the American people are all that interested in this. I think they’re more interested in what we have to say about all the big issues facing us.

[Martin Joseph O’Malley (born January 18, 1963):]
Yeah, David, look, for crying out loud, our country has been attacked. We have pressing issues involving how we’re going to adapt to this changing era of warfare. Our economy – people are working harder and being left behind. You want to know why things don’t get done in Washington? Because for the last 24 hours, with those issues being so urgent to people as they tune in tonight, wondering how they’re going to, even be able to buy presents for their kids.

Instead, we’re listening to the bickering back and forth. Maybe that is normal politics in Washington, but that is not the politics of higher purpose that people expect from our party. We need to address our security issues. We need to address the economic issues around the kitchen table. And if people want a more high-minded politics and want to move our country forward, go on to and help my campaign move our country forward.

[David Muir:]
All three candidates are weighing in on data breach.

[Bernie Sanders:]
Let me agree with Governor O’Malley and let me agree with Secretary Clinton. You know, we had this incident before, Secretary, with your famous e-mails, right? And what I said and I think what Governor O’Malley is saying, and I hope you say, is when the middle class of this country is disappearing, when we have massive income and wealth inequality, when we’re the only major country on earth not guaranteeing health care to all people, all of the issues that the governor talked about, the secretary talked about, those are the issues, media notwithstanding. Those are the issues that the American people want discussed I hope those are the issues we’ll discuss.

[David Muir:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Good let’s move on. Senator Sanders, let’s move.

Bernie Sanders Apologizes To Hillary Clinton For Data Breach

Bernie Sanders Apologizes To Hillary Clinton For Data Breach

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