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Ben Knight Mr C

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[Ben Knight Mr C]

Mr C changes frequently, acts like an S when he’s in a city, then like K when he’s in a click
That’s ironic cause he’s acting like a Predisposed inconsiderate selfish letter.
He kicked out Mr. K from the front of Cake.
Then got inside a Princess and bragged to his mates.
We never had a drama with Mr. K or Mr. S.
Mr. C, it seems is just an alphabetic pest.
Mr. K and Mr. S lost half their jobs, they had lots of work until Mr. C came along.
And then he said he would make it all better.
He would show them some tricks, he was a naughty letter.
Just jump inside a word and pretend you’re not there…
I’m in muscles, scissors and no one even cares.

So Mr. S copied him and went silent in island.
Then Mr. K jumped on a knob and kept it quiet.
Bad, Mr. C said to K and S.
If we all join together we sound like Mrs. X.
So C, K, S, kicked out X from blocks and took over the end of clocks, socks, jocks.
Mrs. X, was cranky at C, K, and S.
They were naughty letters making Mrs. X stressed.
She said you can all sit on the end of Cocks but you’re not coming anywhere near my box.
He took over both sounds, it’s hard to accept.
I hope he falls on a deck, please excuse my accent.

So that’s the story about how naughty how Mr. C started taking over sounds making spelling even hard.

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Ben Knight Mr C

Ben Knight Mr C

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