Bear Cubs Play Fighting In Yosemite


Bear Cubs Play Fighting In Yosemite

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[Bear Cubs Play Fighting In Yosemite]

They are so cute.
Lets face it…
That is the cutest…
As long as you don’t get in between here and the cubs. They are not gonna attack a car?
Is this the same one we saw?
No, it can’t be…
Can’t be…
They’re smaller cubs.
There are no other bears around here.
If you look at it – it seems like that.
I think we’re closer to this one…
They are so cute.
Mama bear is not that big.
I cannot believe we’ve seen this many bears.
I think that they are so cute.
I want one.
They’re so – they’re like; like: puppy size.
I think that they are so cute.
They are so…one of ’em is so small.
Yeah…we…I would give it a little bit…but…
Oh…please…come to my car.
You don’t think you can go left around them?
The Rangers would tell you to just sit here all day.
But you know…yeah…yeah…yeah…
As long as we’re not disturbing them or scarring them.
Do you think, we can go around it?
I can get ’em – just kidding.
This mom bear looks way smaller than the other one.
This one’s so tiny.

He was on the …
I thought one of the cubs was on the bear – but
No – no – no they’re both there.
They’re both there.
Is there another bear?
It’s just the three.
Just the three of them.
I wonder if …
There he is going up the tree…
I’ve never seen…
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Yosemite Bears

Yosemite Bears

Bear Cubs Play Fighting In Yosemite. I think that they are so cute. I want one. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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