Bea & Arthur Catch A Roach


Bea & Arthur Catch A Roach

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[Bea & Arthur Catch A Roach]

You better kill it. You need to kill it. You need to kill that. You need to kill that right now.

You kill that, kill it, kill it. Bea, kill it, take its life. Perfect that’s the best thing you’ve ever done. Go and get it, don’t…

Arthur go get, Bea yeah. You got it?

You let it go. Get – get it out of my room, get – get it. Bea, get it. Did you get it? There you go okay now kill it.

Did you kill it?

Good girl, good job, good job, great work.

Bea & Arthur Catch A Roach

Bea & Arthur Catch A Roach

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