Bart Baker Zayn Pillowtalk


Bart Baker Zayn Pillowtalk Parody

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[Bart Baker Zayn Pillowtalk Parody]


I am free
I’m free from One Direction
free to make
songs about my erection
I dyed my hair blonde and I’m wearing leather
I do what I want
unlike back when
One Direction was still together
I just don’t give a fuck
see I did not shave
I look like I might be stoned too
Did you notice I cussed?
This is the new Zayn!
We’ve got to stop him
Yes we do!
I made a song about sex!
and the vid’s getting more views
than most 1D vids do
What’s up with these effects?
Whoever’s editing this is on something
Is that a bouquet?
And what’s with your spike face?
Why don’t you have clothes on?
Whoever made this is a moron
I just can’t believe
Zayn made a sex song
I’m adult
and now that I have proved it
if I want
to do something I’ll do it
I’ll stay up all night watching the TV
It’s past 1AM!
Who’s that hot chick?
He’s watching an R-rated movie!

(Oooooohhhhh) Source:

Now that I’m an adult I’m going to vape
I eve got a face tattoo
I can’t believe Zayn did this
he was from a pop boy band
now he acts like a grown man
And he’s got a huge hit
I guess it can pay off to be an adult
Maybe we should grow up
do all that grown up stuff
I say yes what the heck
just wait til Zayn see what 1D do next
Maybe we all could
even try having sex


We’re 4 boys being bad
gonna stay up late gonna play grab ass
we got guns
and face tats
We’re grown up being bad!

(I don’t understand why isn’t our video blowing up like Zayns?! Everybody hates it! We’re losing all our fans!)

We’re grown up being bad!

Wow! You guys are real fuckin idiots, oh by the way – this isn’t a real tattoo, 1D more like dumb D.

(Crying/ Sobbing) Source:

We’re grown up being bad!
We’re grown up being bad!

Bart Baker Zayn Pillowtalk Parody

Bart Baker Zayn Pillowtalk Parody

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