Bart Baker The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face


Bart Baker The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face Parody

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[Bart Baker The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face Parody]

Well you know it’s really challenging for me to make much fun of a catchy song with a good beat that’s so very well-sung.

But I’m sure I’ll find some things to ridicule before it’s done.

This I know yeah
This I know

Like why is an “E” missing in my name?
And why is this camera so close?
And now that we’re almost to the chorus
there’s something everybody wants to know oh oh —

Why the hell can I not feel my face?
Is it cocaine
Too much cocaine?
Or did I go to the dentist today
To numb the pain with Novocaine? (Oh oh)

Well I don’t know what the chorus means and frankly I don’t care
cos I’m more concerned with what the hell is up with my weird hair

It looks like some broccoli and a palm tree had an affair

Time to prune your hair dude!

People say my singing sounds just like
Micheal Jackson crossed with Bruno

But why can’t you dance as good as those guys?

And why can’t I feel my face?
I don’t know! Oh oh oh…
Maybe it’s cos sniffin tons of glue causes numbness
facial numbness (oh oh)
tumors in your brain can cause it too
I should visit a neurologist (ohh…)

I’m gonna throw this lighter at you! (AHH) Source:

Help I’m burning!
my skin’s burning!

This dude who can’t spell has got hot moves

I’m getting scorched!

It’s “Human Torch”


I can’t feel my face now it is true.

He sure can dance.

Send a fireman! (AHHHH!)

Did someone call me?

Yes help me dude!

Turn on that hose!

What a great show!

Well, at least the chorus makes sense now.

Bart Baker The Weeknd Can't Feel My Face Parody

Bart Baker The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face Parody

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