Bart Baker – Taylor Swift Style


Bart Baker – Taylor Swift Style – Parody

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[Bart Baker – Taylor Swift Style – Parody]

[Taylor Swift Style]


At last I’ve found a man who won’t leave me fast
Great a-ss
And when I drone on he’s doesn’t talk back
In the bedroom
He lets me do all the things that I like to do
When we screw.
Oh yeaaaahhhhhh
And even though this song’s title is ‘Style’
It’s not at all about Harry Styles
You can see I’m over that guy!

This video is a boring piece of sh-it.
I don’t know why anyone would even want to watch it
It’s just a lame rip-off of True Detective’s credits
Mixed with a bad film school thesis
It’s so fucking pretentious
I went way over budget on ‘Blank Space’
I destroyed a vintage sports car it was such a waste
That’s why this vid is just crap projected on my face
And these pieces of broken glass
These pieces of broken glass

I’m psycho
By now everyone in the world knows
But I don’t
Act all crazy in this video
I’ll play nice girl
And ever though I’m the devil I’ll fool the world
I’ll fool the world! (HA-HA-HA-HA!)

This song sounds like the soundtrack of ‘Drive’
With its cheesy eighties synth vibe
And that annoying funk guitar line

I’m going to use a Satanic ritual
To bring you to life so you’re not just a big doll
You’ll be my real boyfriend and you’ll always make me smile
And we both will kill Harry Styles
We’ll skin and kill Harry Styles!

We’re here to stop you Taylor
You are sick
This is the last time that you write about me you b-itch!
You can’t stop me! (RAAAAH)
Oh yes we can. (RAAAAH) (RAAAAH) (RAAAAH) (RAAAAH)
Boys unzip your pants
Let’s use our One Erection power
Our gigantic One D power!

Looks like the work is done, lads.
Hey, that mannequin will be a great replacement for Zain.
By Golly, You’re Right: he’s hot and he’s got no brains, he’s perfect!
Come on…

Where the hell is that mannequin, that crazy b-itch stole for me.
This will work….yeah…


Bart Baker - Taylor Swift Style - Parody

Bart Baker – Taylor Swift Style – Parody

[Bart Baker:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Yo, guys, thanks for watching my ‘Style’ parody. If you wanna check out the rest of my parodies click this box right over here or click the link down below…Do it right now! Special thanks to Jack [Jack Douglass], Alex [Alex Farnham] and Roland [Roland Luitgaarden] for being in this video – click their faces right over here to check out their channels.

Don’t forget to get the Taylor Swift Style iTunes. The link is down below. Don’t be a jerk. Also you can get Bart Baker – Taylor Swift – Style PARODY on iTunes, click the link right above my head or the link down below as well. It’s gonna be the best song of Summer 2040— that’s a long time, I hope it lasts that long…

By the way, if you did not know – you can now watch my videos 5 days earlier – early access for anyone else all you gotta do is sign up down below the link is there

So that winner of that jean-jacket of last video snapchat username is right here. [@Fedez91] Congratulations…you little snapchat bastard.

This time we are giving away this hat that Harry Styles wore in the video… and guess what? It smells like the real Harry…nahhhhhh!

[Bart Baker:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
All you gotta do to win is follow me on snapchat @realbartbaker and you could be the next Harry Styles boy…

Until next time guys, I gotta get out of here…I gotta pour an entire bottle of Merlot on my body and roast myself in the oven for the upcoming election ceremonies of 20/24. Who’s excited? Throw your hands in the air. The future is here and I’m out – I’m gonna beam myself out with my new cyber gold watch made by Obama’s gold watch company… Brrrrrrrrrrrr….Brrrrr….Brrrrr….Ppppppppppph……

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