Bart Baker – Taylor Swift – Featuring – Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood PARODY


Bart Baker – Taylor Swift – Featuring – Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood PARODY

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[Bart Baker – Taylor Swift – Featuring – Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood PARODY]



This song is all about Katy because that dumb bitch betrayed me
Taylor you psycho don’t blame me for the fact you’r freaking crazy!

[Losin Da Cred:]
To tell the truth I’d rather be back on the mean streets of Compton selling crackheads crack.

[Lucky Mangina] Source:

[Losin Da Cred:]
Than be rapping on this generic lame pop track. (pop track)
About how Kay jacked some dancers from Tay that’s wack.

I had three great back-up dancers who danced on my tour then Katy stole all them
God I hate that bitch screw her!

[Losin Da Cred:]
You sound like a baby
That’s not a big deal
Plus Katy didn’t steal she just offered them a job Tay that’s for real

I’ve run out of men to write about so it is Katy’s turn.


[ENEMA (GloZell Green):]
Hey why is this song called “Bad Blood”?

[CAT- P (AndreasChoice):] Source:
Because Taylor’s on her period.

Stop discussing my menstruation or I’ll shot you both with my gun! (HEY!)

I’m so sensitive cause it’s always my period.


That’s why I named my last album “Red” and why I can’t keep a boyfriend. (HEY!)

The original version of this song sucked so I got Kendrick


This video it kinda blows it’s just a bunch of cameos.
I made all my famous friends pose to boost my music vid ego


This song and vid represent strong female empowerment
That’s B.S. it is so evident



[Losin Da Cred:]
You only put this catty song out to get revenge.

I’m a feminist. Please trick.

[Losin Da Cred:]
Feminists do not dis chicks. (HEY!)


OK find Kendrick I’ll admit it. (HEY!)

I want to kill that. “Dark Horse” bitch! Katy me and my famous friends are gonna kick your fat rear end.

Hey Taylor John Mayer said that you’re like a dead fish in bed. (HEY!)

Bitch you got no class and now I’m gonna murder your ass.

[KATY PERRY:] Source:
You skinny skank don’t make me laugh. OK sharks let’s take out the trash! (HEY!) Ah-HA!~

Oh my god, my period. It’s – it’s finally over. Katy, I’m so sorry. Can we just put all this behind us and be friends again?

Oh, Taylor I wish we could I really do but I have some news for you. My period just started.

[Bart Baker:] Source:
Yo, guys, thanks for watching my “Bad Blood” PARODY. If you wanna see the rest of my parodies click the link down below or click right over here. – You can get this song on iTunes by clicking the link right above my head or the link down in the description – do it right now — HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO made cameos in this video – their faces are all over here. Go to their channels Subscribe to all of them. Do it – they’re channels are all awesome! They’re all great people. And they made this video amazing! If you did not know – you can watch all my videos early on Vessel – the link is down below [] check it out, it’s off the chain – insane in the membrane. Popin loads like I’m Saddam Hussein.

So the winner of that watch from last videos Twitter user name is right here @ROXYRANBOW3, big -ups – THIS TIME WE ARE GIVING AWAY This genuine swordman’s circumcision device from the Snow Fight scene. All you gotta do for your chance to win is Tweet this video with the hashtag BartBakersBadBloodPARODY and if you use this thing correctly you’ll have a couple of drops of blood on your hand.


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It’s free!

Until next time guys….I will be eagerly awaiting Katy Perry’s response to Talyor video cause we all know it’s coming.

And it’s gonna get dirty so until then keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the floor cause there’s three things that matter – cat, whores and diary of dan.


Bart Baker - Taylor Swift - Featuring - Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood PARODY

Bart Baker – Taylor Swift – Featuring – Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood PARODY

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