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Bart Baker – Sia Big Girls Cry – Parody

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[Bart Baker – Sia Big Girls Cry – Parody]

[Sia – Big Girls Cry]

This song is so slow and dumb
That Maddie is beating her face up
She was on that show ‘Dance Moms’
I won’t suck my thumb

Suck your thumb!
Don’t be dumb
Sia pays us a ton to be in her weird vids
You just keep being a freak.

My dance talent is going to waste
All you let me do is touch my face

Touching your face like that causes acne
I suggest that you use ProActive
That’s how I stay so damn attractive

Get lost Levine your ego’s massive

No one can figure out what I am saying in these lame lyrics
I sound like a drunk high Shakira but much less clearer

We’re watching this at home and we would like to know if Maddie gets naked by the end we wanna see

Oh no the cops are here
Lets book it
Maddie call me here are my digits

I’m sick of being in perv’s fantasies
So it’s time that I be escaping

I’m afraid that you will be staying
Don’t forget how much cash I’m making

I do not care about the money
Sia’s mean and she is a dummy
I’m sick of being her mini-me

I cannot keep up with this chasing
These martini’s have got me wasted

Now I can escape!
You’re mistaken.
Ah- I’m not going to be your prisoner anymore Sia! Ahhhh!!~~

Oh my god Sia’s really Tupac
I ain’t really dead I just faked it
I’ve been hiding as a weird female singer
Then I used you to throw people off
I always wanted to make pop songs
But my producers said that was wrong

Maddie I’m sorry I made you dance around half naked like an animal on my stupid music videos.

Oh…that’s okay, Tupac.

Tupac’s holligram!?
What the f-uck, you supposed to be dead, people find out your alive I’m out of a damn job, mother-fucker – I’ma bust a cap in yo’ a-ss.
Oh sh-it.


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Yo, guys, thanks for watching my “Big Girls Cry” PARODY, if you want to see the rest of my parodies click this box right over here or click the link down below in the description box, down here where my fingers go ‘buup, buub, buup, buhhh – naaaaaahhh’.

Huge thanks [King] KING BACH for playing Tupac in this video and also thank you to Alex Farnham and Sam Macaroni for being creepy weirdos…’wooo woooo wooooh…’, you can click on all their faces over here to check out their channels and ‘Subiiie’.

Don’t forget to get the Sia Big Girls Cry – original song on iTunes guys, don’t be jerks – also you can get This song on iTunes, just click the link right above my head or the link down below in the description box, very cool to listen to while you’re flipping your wing around at the Chicken-Hut.

If you did-not-know; you can see my videos five days early and all you gotta do is sign up for Vessel Bart Baker, it’s early access to all my parodies, behind the scenes, you name it, there’s no reason not to check it out. The link is down below. Wooooooooooooo….click that link and let it fly….it’s time for the magic carpet ride. Early access…. bluuuph….leave a comment if you enjoy eating sausage links in the morning…if you don’t fuphhhh…click a like.

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So the winner of Harry Styles’ hat snapchat username is @Nelliesmiles12 right here congratulations you little snap star.

This time – we give away that thing… THIS TIME!!!!! WE ARE GIVING AWAY!!!! THE ‘WIG’ that I wore the entire video, it is the main prop, the heart and soul of all the Sia parodies that we’ve done so that would be two of them. Amazing ideas come to you when you wear this wig, all you gotta do is follow me on snapchat @REALBARTBAKER – go at me right now if you want this golden sunshine wig.

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Until next time guys, “Happy Mothers Day!”, if you didn’t know today is Mothers Day, the day I uploaded this video is Mother’s day. If you got a mommy…sit around with her and hold her hand. – Both of her hands with one of your hands and watch the video together. And after it’s finished, kiss her on the lips. And give her a good old fashion daughter – son – kiss for Mother’s Day. What else would be better than a fun parody, some lip-locking, and ‘hey, don’t forget to give her the old rose ’cause mommy loves ’em flowers. Tsk…peace.

Bart Baker - Sia Big Girls Cry - Parody

Bart Baker – Sia Big Girls Cry – Parody

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