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Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody

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[Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody]


I am pretty and 17
I have no clue what heartbreak even means
But I made this song about it
After my girl dumped me that cold hearted witch

What was that?
It felt like I just got punched
You’re ex-girlfriend sent me to kick your butt!
She said make sure he needs to get stitched up
That hurts!

She took this song too literally
I meant stitches metaphorically
Wasn’t it enough that she left me?
Now she wants me to bleed
Who is that hitting me?
Here’s a clue
I say ‘You can’t see me!’
I wrestle men in big arenas
Um are you John Cena?
What did I do to deserve this?
On her birthday you got her nothing you dick
Instead you got yourself this car
I needed to look more badass
And that’s why I’m kickin’ your ass

Someone save me from this wrestle dude!
Now you’ll learn the power for the Dark Side
Don’t tell me my ex also sent you
That’s right

On this past Christmas Day
You got her nothing you must pay
Instead you got that dumb jacket
Hey I look badass in it
How dare you be so selfish!
Ouch! Stop that!
She was being a bitch
you see the power of The Force now
Who’s poking my ass? Ow!

Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody Alex Farnham

Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody Alex Farnham

Twas me Harry Potter
Your ex girlfriend is my witch daughter
I’m gonna take my broom from Quidditch
And beat your butt with it
Valentine’s Days’ coming
Got to turn this pain to loving
This brutal violence is senseless
I must save Shawn Mendes

Harry Poter would you care to make love
Strangely, yes I would.
Shawn Mendes, would you care to make love with us both?
Ewww… No!
You will join this threesome.

I will join this threesome.
You’re gonna need stitches after this Shawn Mendes. HA HA HA HA!

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Yo, guys thanks for watching my Stitches Parody, if you wanna see the rest of my parodies click the link down below or click this box right over here. Stitch!

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Special thanks to Alex Farnham for being in this video as usual check out his channel up top.

Don’t forget to get the original song on iTunes, the link is down below!

You can get this song as well, the link is up top or down in the description box.

To all you angry Shawn Mendes fans, I’m sure there are some of you out there, you shouldn’t be angry at all, guess why? I actually ran into Shawn, he told me to make a parody of one of his videos and he said, I could be brutal, as brutal as I wanted and we weren’t even mean at all. I don’t think we made fun of Shawn once this entire video. If anything we were really nice. The ending is just a really fucked up twist but anyway — Shout-Out To You SHAWN! I hope you like this parody bruh.

So, the winner of the flannel shirts Instagram user name is right here @lulubvbjohnson wooooooo yeah….

This time, we are giving away this jacket, that I wore the whole time, it’s really stupid, it’s half leather and it’s half something that isn’t leather, I don’t know what you call it. All you gotta do for your chance to win is follow me at Instagram @BartBaker, argh… the winner will be announced at the end of my next parody, it smells like a tuna fish sandwich if you enjoy fish.

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Until next time guys, I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna be straight up… the next video is Hand To Myself by Selena Gooseface and it’s gonna be off the chain insane lots of touching and touching it’s gonna be weird as heck, I hope you’re ready – PEACE!

Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody

Bart Baker Shawn Mendes Stitches Parody

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Other Credits:
Kylo Ren – Ben Loescher
Vic Pirnik – John Cena
Dillon Peddicord – Cupid

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