Bart Baker Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane


Bart Baker Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane Parody

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[Bart Baker Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane Parody]

[Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane]

This is really confusing!
Yeah what the hell are they wearing?
This song’s so dumb we’re freezing!

Why does the entire crowd look like mannequins?

I think we’re just baked again.
Mike Will’s our music producer.
One day he had a song idea.
Make a song bout how you’re black Beatles.
It could be the biggest hit of the year.
So we wrote a bunch of lit lyrics about being giant black insects.
We eat plants and live in trees.
We got six legs and two separate pairs of wings.

What the hell are you guys on drugs? I wasn’t talking about bugs. I meant Beatles like the band.

What’s that? Never heard of them.

You don’t know bout the Beatles?

Are they bugs or people?

They were a rock group who had like a million hit singles.

So you’re saying we’re them?

No but you could be the black sequel.

Slow down you are confusing us and we’re not the only ones. Look at the crowd.

What the hell are these damn lyrics about?

This song makes no sense!

Plus it’s so boring!

They’re comparing themselves to bugs?


That’s what it seems!

Boy I was wrong about this song. There’s no way it will be a hit.

Unless like it was featured in some huge viral internet video trend.

I doubt that would ever happen.

Gucci Mane just got out of prison, he’s begging for us to let him feature on this song.

It’s a dud just let him.

I am Gucci Mane I just got out of prison yo (It’s Gucci) when I rap it sounds like I got a really stuffy nose. My face tattoo is a triple-scoop ice cream cone. Spend more time in jail than at home. Used to be so fat haters said that I looked pregnant. Turned out I was in fact gave birth in jail. Meet my kid. Used to say ‘brrr’ cos my ice was always gleamin. Now I say ‘brrr’ cause I’m so skinny I’m freezin.

Everyone who hears this song is so confused that they freeze.


They posting vids with the hashtag Mannequin Challenge see?

The vids are going viral making our boring song a hit.

That old man is Paul McCartney.

Who the hell dat is?

He is from that band the Beatles.

Wait so that old man is a bug?

Unfortunately he’s still frozen.

Ringo Starr?


I’ll tell you shut up!

Paul thought your song’s message is that, you three are as big as our band. That got him so goddamn mad. He has a stroke actually he might be dead.

Where you going? Hey! Nah, that wasn’t the message of the song at all. Bro! It’s not about being in an old band! It’s about being infectious like big black beatles.

No! No it isn’t goddamn it. Ringo, is right. Finally someone gets my vision.

There they are, I’m here to exterminate some pests.

Waaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooooo!

Ain’t no bugs in my town!

Wo, chicken sauce.

Wow, best mannequin challenge ever!

Oh good he’s a live.

du de lee du
bu de lee du

Bart Baker Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane Parody

Bart Baker Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles Gucci Mane Parody

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