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Bart Baker Meghan Trainor Me Too Parody

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[Bart Baker Meghan Trainor Me Too Parody]

Who’s the greatest person who ever lived?
It’s me!
Everybody else sucks
I’ve got a Grammy and four top ten hits
clearly that makes me the best

This is the most self-centered
and obnoxious song ever heard
Why would you want to be yourself?
You should be me and no one else
you suck

Ugh look at you!
What is wrong with me?
You need a new red hairdo
and giraffe hood too
Here takes these dudes
Hey are you trying to
Make us just like you?
But we don’t want

If you don’t want to be me
You must be a real dummy
here wear these robes that are pink
and sing into these like me
Everyone but me is
So you should all quit your
And become entertainers
just like me Meghan Trainor

What are you trying to do?
Please stop!
To make you more like me not you
you suck!
We can’t work Meghan please stop it!
But you both are total dog shit
I’m great!

What’t wrong with these people who cannot see
that they should want to be
just exactly like me?

Hold on, Meghan
I believe that I can help them to understand
Quick please tell me your

I’m working on this machine
Uh hah
That can map out all of your genes
Uh hah
Then any creature that walks in
will come out a clone of Meghan
Hell yeah

You you and you prepare to be improved
Step up and walk right through
Come on you go through
This is so great
everyone has my face
The world’s a better place
You saved the human

Now I can see
Just what love really means
That’s why now I’m asking
Will you all marry


Bart Baker Meghan Trainor Me Too Parody

Bart Baker Meghan Trainor Me Too Parody

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