Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain’t Your Mama


Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain’t Your Mama Parody

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[Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain’t Your Mama Parody]


Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain’t Your Mama Parody
I’m sick of doing things for you
I ain’t your mama!
I was watching that!
Poor you
I ain’t your mama
What is your problem?
Boy I ain’t your mama
But what the hell do you expect when you only date your young backup dancers?
I am barely legal
You’re a cougar!
You’re 46 years old
It’s true I like my men
Extremely young
The sexy dancer type
Who’s dumb and hung
But my relationships all fail
Time and again
Cos I’m more than twice as old as my men
They’re all spoiled from my money
They make me cook
They make me clean
I’m like their slave
Girl stop acting like you do not have maids and cooks that you pay
Drop this dumb charade!

All men lack maturity
Woah I was eating!
Want no responsibilities
Ouch I am bleeding!
I love this feeling
Hey you broke my PC!
Is he your Finace?
You should leave him
You ain’t your mama
Why would you sat that?
Cause all men act like kids!
Dump his lame ass!
She’s right take back your ring!
Ladies you don’t need a man
All men do is mooch off you
And expect you to cook and clean and do their laundry
Like you’re their mama
Well that stops now!

Walk up to your husband or boyfriend tell that lazy asshole
I ain’t your mama
And dump his ass!

I ain’t your mama!
I ain’t your fucking mama!
I ain’t your fucking mama ______
I ain’t your god damn mama and I want a divorce you ‘ole sack of shit. AHHHH!

What’s with our girls?
They don’t like us
Due to J-Lo’s
Midlife crisis
They’ve been brainwashed
By her huge butt

We’re too good to be you loser’s mommies
We’re finally free

J Lo has set all women free
She is our hero
Men are things we do not need
Cos they’re all zeros
Wait I just thought of
One potential problem
What will we do for sex without our men?
Oh that’s no problem
We have each other
And we can all be lesbian lovers
Let’s all start scissoring!

6 Months Later

Oh… you gotta be kidding me. Ya?
Hey… baby! Hey I really messed up. Um… every man in the world thinks that they’re gay because of my stupid song.
I know. And it’s fuckin’ awesome. No more nagging women, and constant beer, video game and sex. We’re shooting gizz like it’s a sprinkler system and there’s no one saying ‘clean it up’.
Baby… baby we really really …. really… want you guys back… scissoring isn’t doing it for me anymore.
Bitch, I ain’t your daddy!
Wooooo….. Blow Jobs on me.
Great. Thanks a lot J-Lo.
Anyone wanna scissor?

Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain't Your Mama Parody

Bart Baker Jennifer Lopez Ain’t Your Mama Parody

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