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Bart Baker Jacob Sartorius Hit Or Miss Parody

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[Bart Baker Jacob Sartorius Hit Or Miss Parody]

[Jacob Sartorius Hit Or Miss]



I’m the most famous kid in the world now and no one can explain it because I basically do nothing which is why life is hit or miss.


By that I mean you shouldn’t worry about anything. This song’s a miss but who cares though?

Somehow I became a hit kinda like Nash Grier did based on luck and some cute photos. I don’t even have to try that is why when I sing I sound like a whiny robot but who cares nothing matters live life like the world’s ending that’s the dumb message of this song.

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I released Sweatshirt and it was a big hit, I could not believe anyone actually bought it. Thought song had to be good but they didn’t guess they can be badly sung and even more badly written. And that is when it hit me life’s hit or miss so why bother tryna make a second single that is any hotter? (Any hotter)

Wish I was Bieber but that’ll never be he actually can sing I should stick to

Get GET!

I was supposed to spend all day today recording but I blew it off cos it’s not important plus I can barely sing so it’s really boring watching producers trying to make my voice on key so I’ll keep riding this bike around. While girls stare at me and run into things and then fall down. (down) It’s possible they’re hurt but I ride past. (No) Don’t help them up. Nothing matters in life but putting on blush.

I do not care what happens tomorrow. So I eat food from the trash and I mouth off to homeless drunk guys. I don’t care if they kick my ass cos I don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow I just don’t give a shit because I am famous and young. I’ve embraced a philosophy that’s nihilistic. Kinda like this old homeless bum.

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Hey kid I like your attitude you’re a lot like us. Why don’t you stay with us right here?

Maybe I will but I am thirsty can I have a drink.

Here try this.

What is it?

It’s beer.

Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.


What’s up! HEY WANNA —– world screw you anyway. Aye, aye, by the my single on itunes fuck you anyway I’ll hear you. Watch out aye, wanna buy some sweatshirts whatever screw you all babe. Sweatshirt whatever man, […]. It’s a “Hit or Miss” […] …

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Yo guys thanks for watching my “Hit or Miss” Parody. If you want to see rest of my Parody’s click the link down below or click this box right here.

Big shout out to Jacob Sartorius, go check on his original video for “Hit or Miss”, wanted to say if you are offended in anyway Jacob I am sorry.

This is just meant to be funny. I know it was a little bit harsh but it is a roast bro and tell your mom not to kill me.

On that note don’t forget to get the original song on itunes.

Also you can get this song the Parody version on itunes as well – the link is down below or right above my head. You can click this little I thing over here or some….

Snapchat me Bart Baker what parody should I do next let me know. Hit me up on SnipSnap. If you are not following me on MUSICAL.LY.

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Until next time guys you asked for it and you are going to get it. Side to side is coming next.

So I got to get ready to actually. I don’t have to get ready to anything. But the girl who is going to be playing Ariana better get ready to walk like she just got banged by an elephant.


Bart Baker Jacob Sartorius Hit Or Miss Parody

Bart Baker Jacob Sartorius Hit Or Miss Parody

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