Bart Baker Adele Hello Parody


Bart Baker Adele Hello Parody

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Bart Baker Hello Parody

Bart Baker Hello Parody

[Bart Baker Adele Hello Parody]


Help me.
I shouldn’t have switched to At&T
I cannot even tweet.

[Hello! TP is all gone FML! Someone Help me!!!]

My entire work is crashing down I feel like I’m dying.

Can you hear me?

Adele calm down use the landline you are such a drama queen!
No I cancelled that last week.
I’m having a panic attack.
Just try outside, stop crying.
This entire song is one giant first world problem rant.

Hello oh God no why?
I still have zero bars outside.
I’m so screwed my life is crumbling before my eyes, wait I know I’ll go back in and connect with wifi.
Oh no I’m locked outside.
I can’t fucking believe this, why?
Please come to the door and let me back in the home
it’s 50 degrees and all I have is this massive coat, I’m so cold.

Thank God a payphone in the middle of the woods makes perfect sense normal totally.

Come on.
Pick it up.
I can’t believe I’m locked out of the house and you’re not answering.
It’s been an hour.
Since my last tweet.

[ADELE @adele 1hr
Hello about to take a dump

ADELE @adele 1hr
Hello it’s freezing
I hate everything

ADELE @adele 1hr
Hello just ordered a pizza

ADELE @adele 1hr
Hello I’m hungry] Source:

My fans must think I’m dead.

Help me I cannot get online…
If I do not say hello I…
will lose my following
they will forget about me
wait hold up I have a
bar now I can tweet
Hello I’m still alive…
I have bad service locked outside

[ADELE @adele Now
I’ve got bad service locked outside

ADELE @adele Now
Hello I am still alive

ADELE @adele 1 hr
Hello about to take a dump

ADELE @adele 1 hr
Hello it’s freezing] Source:

She can’t get in her house
and her service is bad
Oh God poor Adele her life is in shambles it’s so sad

It’s the worst day of my life…
Andn ow my fucking phone just died
Everything’s gone wrong my world’s falling apart
I might as well just give up and shove this knife in my heart
Goodbye world!

What are you doing? You know this is a push door, right? And by the way I ate the last slice of pizza.

Now I’m gonna starve and die!…

Wait! That’s it! You’re way too dramatic. We’re breaking up.

Bart Baker Adele Hello Parody

Bart Baker Adele Hello Parody

[Bart Baker:] Source:
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As you can see WOOOOW!!! EEEEH-OHHH-POOOP that means goodbye in French. Until next time, guys, happy holidays, I hope you enjoyed that Turkey — I gotta go shower and get all the turkey juices off my body, we have a very weird ritual at our turkey dinner, you don’t wanna know about it… peace.

Bart Baker Adele Hello Comedy Parody

Bart Baker Adele Hello Comedy Parody

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All voices by Bart Baker –
And Emily Valentine

Other Credits:
Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend – Alex Cottrell –
Cat Lady – Jennifer Levinson –
Coach Lady – Presley Roy –

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