Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part Two


Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part Two

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[Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part Two]

[Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part One]

The police said line up!
I mean, so one of those guys was a cannibal
Jose! Don’t touch that!

Come here, baby, yeah!
Yeah man!
I hate that guy. So umm…
Hippy Power!
English Red Snapper!
I think you’re breath is…
Well maybe it’s like a
A dead rodent
Oh, what kind of rodent?
A dead rabbit or something

That happens when I drink sauce
That’s all that was
What did you think of the little baby the people showed you?
Ehh, you know looked like kinda a nice baby, you know?
Umm, not a lot of fat on it
I guess it’s face looked sort of lame
So, they’re all kinda the same.
It’s a tiger!
Look out!
Oh, I have really gross spit.
Let me sleep on the ground
You can sleep wherever
I can’t sleep since you took my puppet!
I wouldn’t get a tattoo on the face
Unless it was of a mask
If you’re comfortable, then you know
I may just touch you on your elbow or something.
Get back Jennifer, you’re gonna be 41
Hey, is something going on after work?
Because I didn’t get an invite to the amazing brunch
Ehh, they’re saying they want me to sing Drake up on this couch
You should.
What is the best job you could imagine without a wig?
I guess dodge ball?
You know how great it is
Like I always said, these waffles are gourmet
Freaking fools!
Fools get in the way of fools!
Here, I have your money
You were supposed to pay me back there!
Naw, ’cause that German guy, Rolf
He told me I could pay you by the sock shed
I ain’t even at home very much because I like to sleep somewhere in the woods
I’m available, what do you say?
You wanna have a block party one time?
I do not.
Heh, heh, heh, that’s right, I’m pretty
I had to crack a gigantic tree nut
Fudge can get in your hair!
He’s weird, and he’s weird, and he’s weird!
I’ll feed him lots of old shrimp and coffee
And it should make him need to puke when the coffee gets riled up
At least I really hope so
I have to bless one of my little tiny dolls
Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me
You gotta stir the bowl!
Stir the bowl.
What gets your goat in this life?
When I was at the barber I’d have like this dry scalp
Kinda like paper, instead of you know, like a rubbery scalp
But you have what you have, so I have paper
Oh no! Birds!
Hey, there was a girl that had a big finger

So good!
Wow, they gave me the brown noser pedestrian today
Where you going with that knife?
Ha ha ha
Yeah, I thought I’d get you with that one
Hey Rico!
Oh dear. The fish ended up on the filthy floor.
Sorry about having the wine hands.
I may need a kidney, but it’s all good!

And jello shapes!
Help me!
A Cro-Magnon?
He’s got a creepy eye!
I bought an eighth, eighth, I bought an eighth!
Uhh, which words are you craving?
Awww, man, I see a rhino in a white vest and I’m just wishing that maybe he was my son
He could jump from that big old rock
And then spill grits into his computer
I woulda ate-en that
Come on, man, you know how we do!

Gotta blow that whistle?

Have a nice day.

I cut my head with a green bean…

Bushes Of Love Bad Lip Reading

Every day I worry all day.
About what’s waiting in the bushes of love.
Cause something’s waiting in the bushes for us.
Something’s waiting in the bushes of love.

Every day I worry all day.

Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part Two

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