Bad Lip Reading Bernie & Hillary


Bad Lip Reading Bernie & Hillary

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[Bad Lip Reading Bernie & Hillary]

Senator Sanders, this question is for you. If I mixed lemonade and the contents of an ashtray that a French guy left at a Raddison, do you think that’s something that Hillary could like to eat?

Wolf, I do, very much. I think she’d very much like to eat it. She’d like if very much. Ummm, we may have the same hair. And we snicker at home. And we like coffee that’s 3% boiled shrimp and 70 parts Bacardi. That would be so good. But unlike my opponent, I have a glass child, I call the kid “Little Bong Bong”, and we have one in a cave. And I peek at them, because it’s not a real one

Cokeheads! What are you gonna do, right? Gotta love Bernie Boy. He’s crazy! Check this out all right. This guy is a balding dude.


He’s balding, he’s ALWAYS balding. And he pinched my little feet because I saw him in his Porsche.

Now, Senator Sanders, she saying that you pinched her. Is that right?


It’s time to act

Now we’re going to give you random phrases and situations and you’re gonna act these out, all right?

It’s TIME TO ACT, Senator Sanders. Are you ready?


You’ve had it with that guy.
You just heard a clever pun.
You ask the waiter for the check.
He’s on the other side, you call onto your friend Kurt who is far away.
You call to your friend Kurt.
You see a bee.
(Oh, there’s a bee.)
Prostate exam.
You just ran over your neighbor’s dog.
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You almost curse, but you catch yourself.
Timid Napoleon
Ok, um um..
You pluck a hair from a stranger.
You casually touch the flight attendant’s skirt.
A tear rolls down your cheek.
And yuo don’t understand why.
But then there’s a shooting star.
Your hand is a baby bird.
Your fingers are the beak.
Oh good one.
You poke Hillary on the forehead.
And then you lick her face.

I went to Hawaii years ago, and this hitchhiker from New York –

Why is it creepy to juggle in bed?
When God gave us hands
And God gave us balls
And God gave us beds

Yeah, what’s up!?

Bad Lip Reading Bernie & Hillary

Bad Lip Reading Bernie & Hillary

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[Bad Lip Reading Bushes Of Love]

Every day I worry all day.
About what’s waiting in the bushes of love.
Cause something’s waiting in the bushes for us.
Something’s waiting in the bushes of love.

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