Aunty Donna Found Out I’m Gay


Aunty Donna Found Out I’m Gay

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[Aunty Donna Found Out I’m Gay]


Oh! Mark, hi.

Hey, bro.

What’s wrong?

Ah….you know, not much man. I just found out I’m gay.



How did you find that out?

Oh, some guy was driving down the road, while I was crossing it. He wound down his window. He yelled it at to me, he let me know.

What did he say?

Oh, you know, he didn’t say much. He said uh… you’re gay, you know.

Yeah, yeah.


He said, hey, boofta, you’re a homo. You’re a homo you faggot. Go suck a dick. He said, go suck a big dick. He said, go suck a real big dick, get those dicks so far in your mouth that the dick is right there you’re gonna go all the way smash in the back of your throat, balls right there, banging on your chin, that’s how much I want you to suck dick, he goes, Oi!

This is me, pretended to be you, fist fucking another man in the asshole. Just fist fucking the dog giving shit out of him.

He goes, I bet you like that so much, you like to get fist-fucked while doing it. Just getting fist fuck while you’re fist fucking someone else, the more you’re at; chucking another one.

Just fist fucking two strange man getting your asshole fist fucked with someone you just met on Grindr he goes, I bet you wish these were dicks, I bet you wish these were big floppy dicks. You’re in a big forest of dicks, getting dicks all over you, covering yourself in cum, loving cum. He said can I suck your little dick.


He said, can I suck your dick and then kiss you, kiss you square on the mouth and then fuck you, scratch that – can we make love?

He said can we made love in my bedroom and then maybe if we connect with more than just the physical level. I’ll take you out. I’ll introduce you to my mom and my dad and my little sister Jenaveve. She is really cool. She into ‘Goosebumps’ at the moment and maybe we can all go to dinner all together. And that will really like you because of you’re cool taste in music and your wonderful dress sense and then maybe after confronting our initial misguided pre-conceptions. My family will come to respect our love for it’s tangibility – and they will reject it because of bias or religious, political agendas of height that have been waiting through the social fabric of hundreds and hundreds of years, FAGGOT!

Oh, yeah…

Aunty Donna’s

Aunty Donna Found Out I'm Gay

Aunty Donna Found Out I’m Gay

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