Audi The Comeback


Audi The Comeback

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[Audi The Comeback]

Uhm… I felt like the king of the world. Could walk out the door… and I… I terrified people.

It makes you feel alive.

You think… things will always stay the same… and then one day: boom! 25 Million hits in two days. The once King Rex.


I became a laughing stock. I lost the lust for life that I had. I just couldn’t go out anymore. My friends tried to help, they suggested sports, you know…

A healthy body, a healthy mind.

It wasn’t the case for me. All I wanted to do was to stay in bed. But one day I am walking along this road and… there it is.

Piloted driving. It’s quite hard to convey… the feeling that one has. Magic! Is the feeling I had. It was absolute magic. It completed me. And I really got that sense of… I am back!

Audi The Comeback

Audi The Comeback

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Audi The Comeback. I am back! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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