Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera


Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera

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[Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera]

[Ray:] Source:
Terry just threatened to bust my windows. She just hit my vehicle right there in the back, then she pulls off and scrapes my vehicle, that right there is where she hit my shit from behind earlier, now she is pulling off. She thinks that’s cool, what is she going to try to hit my shit, what is she going to do?

Actually what she does, she is climbing into the back of the vehicle. I have no idea what she is doing back there, I don’t want any issues were…she is not even supposed to be here, she has two open cases against me both in which she has retracted her original statements, so she claims, I’m abusing him and harassing her but clearly, clearly I’m not. Okay, she has something in her hand to bust windows with, she just bust my window and now she’s leaving.

This is the window she just bust, for no reason.

Now we could have open the door, but obviously I’m not going to open the door, she got me locked up in my brother’s house one time with false accusation and we put my hands on you. And then she pops up at this very house, in October, I believe, and she basically and that’s when I give her a chance, I let her come in, grab a few things that were here which wasn’t much but she made it seem like a big deal I trusted to not her, and not to let her in and get her things, and what as she do, she smashes my TVs and you know all it is in front of the kids and calls the police, I’m dealing with DSS and court cases and all of that behind, this one named Terry Thompson who has just keyed my vehicle, threatened to come back smashed my windows rear ended my vehicle rear-ended under the license plate and has just returned to impromptu and promptly whatever the term will be, where she comes here and does a random smash on my window. Why? I don’t know.

Video evidence, Terry just keyed this side of my car, I actually just got painted over because she side swiped it.

Terry, just did that and there it is.

She has smashed my vehicle, there goes Terry right here, she has just returned to smash my vehicle, she knocks my vehicle into my neighbor’s vehicle and now she is reversing.

And I’m going inside because I want to avoid any further issues. Okay I think she is going to finish up, I think she is finishing up on the car.

[Terry Thompson:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Is this the way you’re going to treat me? After all the shit, I’ve done for you, this is how you treat me Ray, really.

Now she has just smashed my window, my rear windshield. This is crazy,

Terry Thompson and she is calling me now. That is crazy, I’ve done way too much, for this girl for her to ever do something like that to me.

Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera

Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera

Attempted Vehicular Homicide Caught On Camera. Is this the way you’re going to treat me? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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