AT&T It Can Wait


AT&T It Can Wait

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[AT&T It Can Wait]

BOY (internal voice):
31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 44…
(slow tempo music)
BOY (internal voice): Who losses one shoe?
(slow tempo music)
BOY (internal voice): Hmm…no dog today.
(slow tempo music)
BOY (internal voice): (spaceship and fighter jet sounds)
MOTHER: Grace…let’s do this baby girl.
(key chain jingling)
MOTHER: Say goodbye to the gang.
GRACE: Elizabeth wants to come too.
MOTHER: Ok, Elizabeth can come, but that’s all. Come on.
GRACE: Sorry guys.
(slow tempo music)
(car doors opening and closing)
(coffee being poured)
MALE: Pump 7.
(computer beeps)
GAS STATION WORKER: That will be $36. Rewards card?
MALE: Nope. You know what, give me one of those lottery tickets too. The big one.
(computer beeps)
FEMALE (on phone): Hey, what’s up?
MALE: Hey, so I think I’m going to skip out early and try to catch a few innings of Danny’s game.
FEMALE (on phone): Oh I’m sure he would love that. Hey, what do you want to eat tonight?
MALE: Would you eat at Mizzoni’s?
FEMALE (on phone): Uhh…don’t make me.
MALE: Alright that’s ok. I’m good with whatever.
GRACE: Mommy…Elizabeth wants some ice cream.
MOTHER: Well, she’s a good girl. Maybe we can get some on the way home.
(car driving past)
FEMALE (on phone): Oh, Erin called. She left a message with the other broker.
MALE: Ok…so now what?
FEMALE (on phone): Now we wait.
MALE: Oh. Well don’t worry because we are about to become filthy rich anyway.
FEMALE (on phone): Finally!
MALE: Yeah, lottery is over $200 million. I got a ticket so I think we’re good.
FEMALE (on phone): Oh…why didn’t I think of that?
MALE: Well that’s what you have me for?
(dialogue in Spanish)
(slow tempo music with natural sounds)
BOY (internal voice): Stupids.
MALE: Hey, do you want me to pick anything up?
FEMALE (on phone): You know what? I will eat Mizzoni’s, I don’t care.
MALE: Hey! Alright!
FEMALE (on phone): Love you.
MALE: I love you!
(“Wheels on the Bus” song plays)
GRACE: Mommy…I forgot my crystal bracelet.
MOTHER: That’s ok sweetheart, it will still be there when we get back.
(smartphone alert)
MOTHER: Ohh. Everyone loves the picture I posted of you.
“The wheels on the bus go round…”

(metal smashing, glass breaking)
(slow tempo music with piano and natural sounds)
(metal smashing, glass breaking) (slow tempo music with piano and natural sounds)
(slow tempo music with piano and natural sounds)

AT&T reminds you – It Can Wait

(slow tempo music with piano)

No post is worth a life.
No glance is worth a life.
No email is worth a life.
No search is worth a life.
No text is worth a life.

AT&T It Can Wait

AT&T It Can Wait

AT&T It Can Wait. AT&T reminds you – It Can Wait. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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