Astor On The Park Manhattan Bedbugs


Astor On The Park Manhattan Bedbugs

Astor On The Park Manhattan Bedbugs

Astor On The Park Manhattan Bedbugs

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[Astor On The Park Manhattan Bedbugs]

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I’m now showing you a video of what’s going on with our stay at the Astor on the Park hotel across from Central Park in Manhattan.

Going in the lobby.

Going to now, the third room that we’ve been moved to in two nights, the first one, the heater didn’t work. Second one, the power outlets didn’t work, so we couldn’t charge our phone.

The third room we were is going to shock you because half of the power – outlets don’t work.

The heater doesn’t work as well. And then the surprise, you’re going to see for yourself, Room 509.

I want to let everyone know today is my birthday and this is what my experience has been. This heater does not work, so the hotel brought us this space heater, that we have to plug into their which only one outlet works in. So we can’t use anything to charge our phone.

The TV is connected to a power outlet down here which only one works so we have to unplug our TV to plug our phones in there. I noticed today my girlfriend’s arms, and side and stomach, in a full rash, from what I assumed came from outside, but really, it came from this bed. And here’s where I’m going to show you.

I flipped the bed over, which I’m going to do now, and show for you on video…

She will film me? While I flipped the bed over… where we discovered, hold on, I need to show it in the light.

Infestation of bugs the size of your pinky nail, two clumped together there, one there, one there, about three right there, another one there, another one there, another one there, another one there, another one there, about 50 right there.

And let me show you… there’s more too. I don’t have time to show you them all, but these was – this is no joke, we’re not staying in the Bronx, we’re not staying in Brooklyn, we’re not staying in Queens, this is Manhattan.

Look at these, I’m touching them with a pen.

Here, here, here. Here.

Look here.

Here also.

Look at this. Hold this right here.


[Guest:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Can you hold this here? Look at this, an infestation where my girlfriend slept last night. I can’t believe it.

This is the third room we’ve been in after two without heaters. They are everywhere on the bed.

Look at this, this place is going to have a health inspection, fire department coming for the heater problems and I hope no one ever stays here again.

And let me show you what the damage was after sleeping in this bed, by my girlfriend.

She has rash all down her arms. Look at that, that’s from staying at the Astor on the Park. Not just her arm, her stomach, her lower stomach, places I shouldn’t even film. That side, they’re all over her body from staying at the Astor on the Park. And I hope this video makes it to court and this place gets what they deserve.

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